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Yahoo Messenger to Shut Down in July

Words by Alliyah Villeza

Before the era of Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and other messaging applications of the same generation, there was Yahoo Messenger—which, during its time, was the most popular of its kind. On July 17, the once-beloved app will finally be put to rest for good.


Yahoo Messenger was once the most popular and utilized software for online messaging from the early 2000s until around 2011. But with the eventual advent of Facebook and other similar apps, its popularity and usage gradually decreased. Majority of the market transferred to Facebook for messaging purposes.

Oath, Verizon subsidiary and owner of Yahoo, announced the shut down last June 8th. With this comes the wave of nostalgia from all the years people spent on and with the messenger. Its iconic features, such as the emoticonsAudiblesBUZZ! button, and editable font styles and colors will certainly be remembered.

What about the app will you miss the most? Do you remember the conversations and webcam moments you had? Let us know in the comments below.

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