FIFA 2018: Russia, Croatia Enter Quarterfinals After PSO Win

RUSSIA — Different from the first two matches of the Round of 16 which gave convincing results, last night’s games were nothing short of bizarre and dramatic. With similar fates, Russia and Croatia will advance to the quarterfinals after winning in the penalty shootout or PSO following their matches that both ended in draws.

For those who are not familiar, a PSO is a method of determining a winner in a match that cannot end in a draw. Each team will have five attempts to shoot a goal from the penalty mark with the goalpost defended only by the goalkeeper.

Russia Defeats Spain over penalties

After Argentina and Portugal were sent home last Saturday, one of crowd’s top picks to win the World Cup will head home too. Yesterday, Spain lost their grip on the champions trophy as Russia snatched victory with a 4-3 PSO win. Apparently, the golden days of arguably the world’s best teams has concluded.

Spain scored early in the 12th minute but Russia’s Artem Dzyuba gave an equalizer in the 41st. Then, the game went on with lots of ball passing, 1,363 to be exact. Despite ending their game in a draw, host nation Russia celebrated triumphantly over Spain after a thrilling PSO.

Results: Russia 1 – Spain 1 (PSO 4-3)

ivan rakitic takes Croatia to quarterfinals

Meanwhile, Croatia will face Russia in the quarterfinals after they ousted Denmark from the World Cup with a PSO win too.

Denmark’s Mathias Jorgensen shot a very early goal at the first minute, giving his team an advantage. But in the 4th minute, Mario Mandzukic scored an equalizer for Croatia. Same with Russia and Spain’s game, the match went on with many attempts to score but both teams failed. The game was concluded with a PSO where Croatia’s Ivan Rakitic secured his team’s victory, 3-2.

Results: Croatia 1 – Denmark 1 (PSO 3-2)

Who do you think will win in Russia and Croatia’s match in the quarterfinals? Let us know in the comments below.

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