10 Online Shops That Offer Convenient and Healthy Meal Plans
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10 Online Shops That Offer Convenient and Healthy Meal Plans

10 Online Shops That Offer Convenient and Healthy Meal Plans

Special Features | January 26, 2022
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Living solo or lazy to cook for yourself? You can now plan your meals with ease by ordering from these online shops.

While cooking is a fun experience and eating your creation is just as satisfying, the clean-up after is not. Especially when cooking for one. Look at it this way—prepping and cooking can take minutes or even hours, depending on the dish you make. Eating, maybe about 10 minutes or less if you’re that hungry.

But cleaning up and washing all those pans and plates, wiping up the kitchen, and repeating the same process for lunch and dinner? All this practically eats up a huge chunk of your time!

Such is the struggle when you’re living solo. While juggling school, work, your day-to-day responsibilities, and all the in-betweens while at home, having to think of what to eat next (and making said food) can be difficult. Yes, some can use their weekends to cook big batches of food that will last them for a week, but other people just don’t have the culinary expertise or the time to do all that.

The solution? Delivery meal plans!

Photo from Dr. Food Diet Program

With menus that change every week—sometimes even tailor-fit for your dietary preferences—these online stores offer solo portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, some even offer snacks in between to keep those cravings at bay! Much like a weekly subscription, all you need to do is pay up, inform them of any allergens or dietary restrictions, and let them handle the cooking and delivery, just like that. It’s super convenient!

Curious? Here’s a list of 10 places to get you started.

10. The Sexy Chef (IG: @thesexychef)

If weight loss is your aim, The Sexy Chef has you covered. Established by Chef Barni and Rachel Alejandro, this delivery service serves up meals that help you boost your immune health, lose weight, manage a medical condition, or simply eat healthy.

Some meal plans under their belt include the Mediterranean Diet—a pescetarian meal plan which focuses on seafood and fiber-rich carbs—and the South Beach Diet, a high protein, low carb diet that uses lean protein and nutritious vegetables to help you manage your weight. And if you’re managing medical conditions like diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and high cholesterol, they also offer Prescription Diet meal plans.

On the other hand, if you want to personally curate your lineup of dishes, The Sexy Chef also offers an ala carte menu with plant-based and low-carb options.

Place your orders through their website at https://www.thesexychef.ph/.

Photo from The Sexy Chef

9. DietDiva (IG: @dietdivaph)

A delivery provider established in September 2012, DietDiva prides itself on being the country’s “longest-running, multi-awarded, and industry-standard meal plan delivery provider“. In fact, it has been lauded by the National Customer’s Choice Annual Awards, The Consumer Eye Marketing & Research Group, and ShopBest Magazine.

Beyond its impressive credentials, DietDiva has now expanded its offerings to cater to the discerning Filipino market—with signature drinks like their Chocolate Drink Mix and Green Coffee. Mainstays, however, include their 3 signature meal plans: calorie-counted and portion-controlled DietDiva Signature meal plan; gluten-free, low-carb, and low-sugar G.low meal plan; and the protein-packed 2,000-calorie Lean Machine meal plan.

Place your orders through their website at https://dietdiva.ph/. Likewise, you may contact them via landline or mobile at 3434-DIVA (3482) or 0917-703-DIVA.

Photo from Diet Diva

8. Dr. Food (IG: @drfoodph)

Bringing together culinary excellence and the nutritious properties of food, Dr. Food is the brainchild of The Aivee Group. In fact, this delivery service offers chef-curated and nutrition-approved meal plans that are made with fresh and premium ingredients to suit your eating lifestyle.

A prescriptive diet program made exclusively for you, these meals are planned by their team of certified nutritionists and dieticians. To start, they require a nutrition and clinic consultation, where they will do an in-body test to assess certain factors, like visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, and the like. These help pinpoint improvements for your diet, which they will monitor every 2 weeks to see your progress.

Place your orders by messaging them on Instagram or via mobile at 0917-537-1294.

Photo from Dr. Food Diet Program

7. Isabel’s (IG: @isabels.ph)

When retired couple Isabel and Gerry purchased land in Tagaytay last 2011, it served as a culmination of their longtime dream to own a farm with a retirement home. But it was only in 2016 that the owners, with the help of their family, established the food delivery service that would go on to provide healthy meal plans and juices to a health-conscious market. Thus, Isabel’s was born.

With farm-to-table offerings—straight from their family farm—this delivery service proudly showcases healthy, delicious, and carefully prepared meals. In fact, you can personalize your own meal plan or choose from their ready-made weekly salad menus, power bowl meals, and even calorie-counted LoCal meals.

Expect pesticide-free salads, organic meat and seafood, lush greens, and tasteful dressings—all of which come in reusable containers that guarantee freshness.

Place your orders through their website at https://www.isabels.com.ph/ or contact them via SMS and Viber at 0917-652-7341.

Photo from Isabel’s

6. The Hearty Grub (IG: @theheartygrub)

Looking for healthy eats? The Healthy Grub’s got you covered! With fresh, delicious, chef-designed, and nutritionist-approved meals, eating healthy is now more convenient than ever.

Meal plans include:

  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Meal Plan: a plant-based diet that excludes meat, fish, and poultry, but includes dairy and eggs.
  • Calorie-counted Meal Plan: a well-balanced diet of carbs, protein and fat that helps you reach your desired weight.
  • Keto Meal Plan: a low-carb, high-fat diet that trains you to be in a metabolic state of ketosis. That way, your body becomes efficient at burning fats instead of carbohydrates for energy.
  • Pescatarian Meal Plan: a primarily plant-based diet that relies heavily on fish and seafood for protein instead of the usual meat.
  • Best Feed Meal Plan: a well-balanced diet for lactating moms. It considers the increased needs and demands on the body due to lactation.
  • High Protein Meal Plan: a high-protein diet for athletes. It’s designed for those who need higher amounts of protein because of physically demanding sports or activities.
  • PCOS or Diabetic Meal Plan: provides low glycemic index, low sugar, and high fiber food that help you manage your insulin better and prevent sudden increases in blood sugar.
  • GERD Meal Plan: a diet that eliminates food that may trigger refluxes. It also helps avoid irritation for those who have compromised gastric function and sensitivity.
  • Low Carbohydrates Meal Plan: a diet with minimal amounts of carbohydrates, refined grains and pastas, but offers slightly higher amounts of protein and fat.

Place your orders through their website at https://www.theheartygrubph.com/.

Photo from The Hearty Grub, taken by Tracy’s Take

5. Spices Packed Meals (IG: @spicespackedmeals)

Most of the meal plans we know and love are healthy. And while there isn’t a problem with that, there are days when we want to indulge in a taste of home… without the mess and the cleanup. Enter Spices Packed Meals—a homegrown business that serves up daily and weekly affordable home-cooked meals that start at PHP100 each!

Giving you the choice between 2 sets daily, you can opt for the classic rice and viand combination, or add vegetables to complete your meal. Likewise, you can get their sharing portions that are good for 2 to 3 people—perfect for small families, coworkers, and friends. For events, offices, and bulk orders, their potluck options will definitely keep everyone full and satisfied.

Place your orders by messaging them on Instagram.

Photo from Spices Packed Meals

4. MJ Delivers (IG: @mjdelivers)

Healthy food is good and all, but if you want something more indulgent, MJ delivers will treat you to delicious weekly meal plans with regular or vegan options to choose from, depending on your dietary needs. What’s more, you can even take it up a notch by personalizing them—from switching white rice to the healthier red rice to adding drinks and more.

And the best part? While most meal plans are priced in the thousands, they proudly offer affordable weekly meals that start at PHP650 per week! They even offer ala carte options with appetizers, entrees, and soups that you can choose from if you want something more special.

Place your orders by messaging them directly on Instagram.

Photo from MJ Delivers

3. Pickle PH (IG: @pickle.ph)

Are you in a pickle, not knowing what to cook for the week? Pun intended, yes, but let Pickle help you out! Dubbed as “Manila’s Best Healthy Diet Delivery,” this delivery service offers healthy macro-balanced meals and green juices that start at just PHP420 a day!

To start, there are 3 meal plans to choose from—each one targeting a certain goal. The Signature Plan, for example, helps you achieve your fitness goals, while the Lean and Clean meal plan focuses more on your health and well-being. On the other hand, the Performance meal plan helps you lose fat and gain lean muscle with high protein, low carb dishes.

But that’s not all. You can even upgrade your healthy meals with juices. The Detox is a cleansing and nourishing drink, while the Burn is a weight loss option that fires up your metabolism.

Place your orders through their website at https://pickle.ph/ or contact them via SMS at 0917-675-7255.

Photo from Pickle

2. Fit Food Manila (IG: @fitfoodmanila)

Offering a wide range of meal plans to suit your dietary needs, Fit Food Manila proudly serves up healthy but tasty dishes that help you reach your fitness goals. Choices include:

  • Fit Food Original: calorie counted, balanced, and tasty meals.
  • Fit Food Plus: low sugar, low carbs, high protein, and high fiber meals.
  • Fit Food Keto: low sugar, low carbs, and high fat meals.
  • Fit Food Heart: low fat, low sodium, and low cholesterol meals.
  • Fit Food Veg: no meat, poultry, fish, egg, and dairy meals.

With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks sent daily, you’re sure to be full, even while on calorie-controlled portions. What’s more, Fit Food Manila sells ready-to-eat and frozen healthy options in Fit Food Grocer—perfect for late-night cravings or when you’re unsure of what to cook.

Place your orders through their website at https://fitfoodmanila.com/ or contact them via SMS at 0917-724-0222.

Photo from Fit Food Manila

1. Ketos of Manila (IG: @ketosofmanila)

For those who are on a Ketogenic diet, Ketos of Manila is the first delivery service that comes to mind. Established in September 2017 by Keto Titos James Chi and Neil Trinidad, Ketos of Manila offers delicious, low-carb, high-fat, and calorie-portioned meals—designed by their in-house registered nutritionist-dietitian.

There are 4 ketogenic meal plans to choose from: the Simply Low Carb, which helps you sustain your weight loss progress, K-fast for intermittent fasting, K-lite for lighter meal portions, and the bestselling K-max meal plan. But if you really want to go full-on keto, Ketos of Manila provides a strict 21-day meal plan that will set you for almost an entire month.

Beyond the usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, they provide ketogenic sugar-free desserts from their sister company: The Sugar-free Bakery. And through their Nutritional Transformation Program (NTP), they regularly monitor your process by sending keto strips to test if your body has reached ketosis yet.

Place your orders through their website at https://www.ketosofmanila.com/.

Photo from Ketos of Manila


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