The Father of Marvel Universe Stan Lee Dead At 95

The comic book legend who created Marvel has died today at 95. Stan Lee was taken by an ambulance from his Los Angeles Home to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and later pronounced dead. However, Stan Lee’s cause of death is still unknown.

In the 1960’s, Stan Lee reverted from a writer and illustrator for Timely Comics to create a team of superheroes that will defeat the fame of DC’s Justice League.

Since then, Stan Lee created superheroes who are more human — facing everyday struggles like a regular human having to pay the rent, caring over aging family members, and getting by in a busy city like New York. Then came Fantastic Four who overthrew Justice League’s fame.

Stan Lee is the father of the phenomenal superheroes of Marvel that we all enjoy today through its films and comic books like Spider-man, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and X-Men.

Hollywood celebrities who gave Stan Lee’s characters to life through the Marvel Cinematic Universe headed on to Twitter to express their gratitude and grief to the visionary:

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