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It’s 2021! Where Did The Time Go?
It’s 2021! Where Did The Time Go?
Special Feature | January 1, 2021
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As we bid adieu to last year’s half-hearted hurrah, we brace ourselves for a bolder stance and arm ourselves with a more audacious hope this year, while we play that epic soundtrack we’ve imagined ourselves entering 2021 with

A good and glorious day, everyone. As you drink your nth cup of coffee and nurse that self-inflicted hangover with a heavy breakfast (or the hair of the dog that bit you), I hope you are taking the time to look back at the bittersweet year that was and continuedly imagining great things for 2021. Unload the burdens of last year’s collection of sorrows and turn those painful memories into unforgettable life lessons—you absolutely need it. How many times have you cried in the previous year? How many times have you dramatically crouched in a corner and repeatedly told yourself that everything is gonna be alright (by song or by statement)? Oh, to be living on the first day of the year is a blessing we must undoubtedly be thankful for—aimed at whoever divine being we devote ourselves to.

The remarkably glacial pace of 2020 should’ve fueled our hunger for more outstanding experiences this year. And if the damning realizations haven’t kicked in yet—breathe in, breathe out, and start that internal conversation because you’re going to need it. If you’re fed up with the umpteenth iteration of the sermon on the mount, you might not have been illuminated enough. As one of my favorite songwriters have said: “The times they are a-changin’…” And regardless of 2020’s too-long-to-finish period, the opposite goes with the required evolution of our sensibilities—milestones have been made, and we are not only encouraged but are expected to deliver. As the global focus shifts to the oppressed, the minority, and the ignored, our awareness finds permanence. Yes, this will border on preachy.

Lather in melancholy in that smooth harmonica and nod your head to the joyful memeries of the good times—and yes, even the hard-earned lessons of the bad times.

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The More-Than-Ever Prominent War of Good Versus Evil Seeks The Active Pursuit of Every Last Bit of Your Humanity

As the never-ending tides of inequality continue to silently pierce humanity’s very essence, fractions of the already-numbed public continue to insistently clamor for justice. Governments, capitalists, individuals who have long persecuted the unknowing are now seemingly vulnerable—ready to be toppled over by the angered masses. Across all continents, the inherently good continue to grow in number and increase in strength. And we are left infected with thoughts of philosophizing and even participating—please do so with conviction. No amount of fiction can generate a more intense and more realistic ending than being in the exact moment of denouement.

To be consistently reminded of the checks and balances that exist has been long overdue. And to be forcibly shown the life-ruining consequences of living greed-filled corrupted lives, it is our penance. Our grandiose fantasies and delusions of perfection have now been exchanged with imagery of simpler lives and ambitious intentions for the greater good—because it should be. And the arduous journey of teaching ourselves to tip the scales of human inequality and achieving balance should not be feared—because the task does not ask for a one-sided downfall but for everyone to finally have an enjoyable bleeping life. Excuse me, the caffeine is kicking in.

Get it under your skin because 2021 is all about action and whatever performative crap you intend to do this year will be seen by the annoying but extremely well-intentioned generation through. Oh, and they fight very well, too.

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Our Cancel Culture Obsessions And The Lack of Redemption Arc Sagas

Hey, hey, hey, are you okay? From style savants to pedestal-presented idols, we’ve witnessed every glory-bathing personality experience the hubris of the ages. We have now learned to fear our Twitter histories, our forgotten actions, and our fake apologies. We are now exponentially troubled by our glorified rise to digital fame and the looming doom that’s about to follow. Congratulations! Try as you may to hide your skeletons in the closet and no matter how much you sweep those problematic tweets under the rug: these kids are sure to dig it up and lay it out for every social media addicted human to express their jurisdictions at.

Where do we draw the line? When does the witchhunt become a public exaggeration gone too far? The roles of suspect and victim continue to be interchanged, and whatever spoils of war left are sadly eventually forgotten. Is there a much-awaited redemption in the making, or does a single mistake decisively end one’s existence? The conversation should continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscapes of a continuously evolving society. And the intricate interplay of action, consequence, and poetic justice should never have a singular format. Because at the end of the day, that cliche holds true: change is inevitable, and that in itself should be a respected personal experience, regardless of your expectations.

Play those classical strings with the electric guitar in your head: the groundbreaking, mind-crushing, soul-burning epiphanies of this year will positively move you to the jig you’ve always wanted to dance to.

Addictive Digital Karma and The Theoretical Flight of Good (And Bad) Chameleons

Oh, how we love the sound of the pixelated whiplash. The slowly emerging loopholes of Silicon Valley and the return to basics. How I’ve long hated the evolutionary pre-requisite of SEO-enforced rules forcibly enacted on this art I’ve romanced for decades. I have long awaited the day when readers will learn to vomit “well-written” titles that start with “This is not a drill!” and find solace in the long-form poetry of a well-researched non-fiction piece. The growing demand for content away from well-chiseled bodies and empty copy-and-paste quotes keeps me giddy. Or am I living in a pipedream, bubble wrapped in the company of snobbish intellectuals trapped in an ivory tower? Ha!

And while my fleeting youth continues to be attacked by genetic progression and my iron-willed stubbornness, I maintain my belief in the dogma of multi-path succession: There is no one way to critical success in our chosen career (whatever industry you’re in and whether that is widely accepted to be lucrative or not). As we whisper Henley’s Invictus repeatedly in our minds, we move upwards and towards—never backward. And whether we encounter blood and bruises along the way, transcendence will remain our silver lining. 

Get knocked down but get up again, because they will never keep you down. And if you don’t get the reference, may your forever-googling-for-answers-existence-because-I-can’t-be-uncool existence serve you well this time around.

Are We Out of The Woods?

Are you tired of the overtly pretentious epicness of it all? Sheesh, man. Relax, it’s the first day of the year. Work on a comfortable mindset, fix whatever skewed perspective you have left, and enjoy the expectedly bumpy ride of 2021. You have amassed enough unused bottles of booze thanks to the lack of human interaction and stringent social distancing measures. Whether the vaccine gets injected into your system this year—hahaha, I shall be positive—or whether the harsh realities of an ailing country will continue to plague our minds, there is always a hopeful tomorrow to be anticipated. And if your eyes can finally see the imbalances of this manipulated environment, may your empathies encourage action to defy the odds and let the values you’ve tenaciously held onto be your God-given guides to virtue. This year, is—however old and cliched this sounds—going to be epic.

‘Tis the damn season, baby. Reflect, meditate, reconnect.
With journalistic experience spanning just about three years, Pipo has been working in the communications industry for nearly a decade with tenure in various sectors such as global communications, retail, advertising, events, and marketing. He has served as Copy Chief and Newsroom Head for One Mega Group, and for the last couple of years, has been Lifestyle Asia's Managing Editor for its print publication.
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