Going out of Town This Holiday? Don’t Forget These 3 Things with You!

Only four days left before Christmas! The holiday season is a wonderful time that should be celebrated with our loved ones. It’s the time where we make new memories that will last.

Now if your family is planning to spend Christmas out of town this year, then you should come prepared. Today, we listed three things you should bring to make your holiday celebration a wondrous and memorable one.

What to bring if you’re planning to spend Christmas out of town

1. Cozy Clothes

Of course, Christmas season comes with freezing weather. If your family is heading somewhere with an open area like an over-looking dinner or peaceful high mountain villas, then we recommend you bring clothes that will keep you covered from the cool weather.

Just think about how uncomfortable is it if you keep on shaking because of the cold weather? So don’t forget to grab those jackets and outerwear from your closet because for sure, they will be your best friend this holiday!

2. Moisturizers

Since the cold weather will surely crack our skin, it’s essential to bring moisturizers that will prevent our skin from getting damaged. Obviously, we don’t want to celebrate the holiday season with a red, chappy, or cracked skin. That’s why it’s important to bring skin essentials like face moisturizer, body lotion, and a lip balm.

3. A powerful phone that has it all

Considering that holiday is a celebration that should be cherished especially if you’re heading out of town, it’s important to have a phone that can keep up with your busy day. A phone like the Vivo Y91i and Y85 which can take high-resolution photos, multitask, and last all day.

The good news is, Vivo recently dropped the price of its two Y series smartphones to Php 7,999
(Y91i) and Php 10,999 (Y85) this Holiday season!

The Vivo Y91i captures everything that an ideal, easy on the pocket smartphone should be. Its front camera has 8-megapixel resolution that can be viewed through the 6.22-inch Halo full view display. It also has an impressive 88.6%% screen-to-body ratio, rear fingerprint unlocking and all other high-end specs for a lower price.

Meanwhile, the Y85 also makes you look stunning in those holiday snaps with its 13-megapixel plus 2 MP dual rear camera that can produce 52 MP Ultra HD photos. For only 10,999, Y85 can give users access to AI-powered features most notable in gaming and running multiple apps. This is also good news for people who like to play games to kill time!

For more details, you may check out Vivo’s official website or follow their official Facebook and Instagram account.

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