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Here Is Imelda Marcos’ Crazy Shopping Spree That’s Worth Billions of Dollars

It’s not news that Imelda Marcos gets what she wants and it is certain that she wants fame and fortune.

Imelda Marcos is the lady that wants it all. In the Imelda Marcos biography episode in Bio Channel revealed that young Imelda already got her life figured out: She would marry a powerful and prominent man that will bring her the moon and stars. True enough after college, she was the out-and-about-lady in Manila in search for the husband. She met Ferdinand Marcos who was then the most ambitious politician of the Philippines and get married just 11 days after meeting, and then the rest was history.

In 1975, Imelda Marcos was listed as one of the 10 richest women in the world, alongside Queen Elizabeth II. She was so rich that she did the most outrageous and craziest purchases in the course of her husband’s term as President of the Philippines. So crazy that it’s just impossible for one to do so, but Imelda could and she did.

She has her ways of buying remembrance for her trips abroad.

In one of her trips from Rome on their way back to the Philippines (in a private jet of course), Imelda told the pilot to make a U-turn because she forgot to buy cheese. The pilot obliged and the first lady got her cheese from Rome.

Also in another trip in the US, Imelda Marcos was once so fond of Macadamia nuts candies that she brought home 500 boxes of the candies to the Philippines.

Imelda would only have the best of all jewelry

As a frequent traveler to the United States, Imelda would buy jewelry that is worth billions of dollars. In one of her trips in the U.S, she bought $1.43 million-worth Bulgari jewels in addition to the $1.15 million emerald-and-diamond bracelet.

She also bought $451,000-worth of gems from Cartier. She also bought the craziest 35-carat barrel-shaped super rare pink diamond. Aside from that, she had her hands on other hues of pink diamonds with a significantly lower value than of the super rare variant. Only some of it was auctioned while the rest are still under the care of Imelda until today.

She has a thing for buying trinkets for her home abroad

In 1981, Imelda Marcos closed an auction by buying the entire catalog. She bought-out Leslie R. Samuels’ entire collection of art English antique furniture, and ceramics for more than $5 million.

In 1983, she spent a whopping $7 million in a 90-day trip to Rome, Copenhagen, and New York where she bought home items including Pratesi for bed sheets worth $10,340, Asprey sterling silver serving dishes worth $43,370, and $19,400 in assorted towels, tablecloths, and sheets.

Imelda also bought artworks from renowned artists like Claude Monet, Dutch Vincent Van Gogh, Albert Marquet. Only a few of the artworks were sold through auctions in the US and private transactions and about 200 pieces of artworks are still missing which include artworks by Michaelangelo, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh.

The “mine” girl had 3,000 pairs of shoes and dozens of a single blouse she likes at a store

“Great love for fashion” is an understatement to Imelda Marcos’ insane purchases of clothes, and shoes. One time, she was dubbed by a sales lady in Bloomingdale’s New York for pointing out the items that she liked while saying “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

It’s no secret that she has a ginormous collection of shoes with almost 3,000 pairs. What happens if she liked a blouse? She would buy 10 dozens of it. Sometimes, if she liked a certain item, she would order all of it until it would run-out in stores.

sometimes, small items would bore her that she bought buildings in Manhattan, new york

One day, after all the crazy shopping spree that Imelda did, she then started buying buildings in the most-expensive neighbourhood in New York City.

The Marcoses bought New York skyscrapers 730 Fifth Avenue, 200 Madison Avenue, Herald Center at Herald Square, and Woolworth building. Although she could have bought Empire State Building, according to reports, Imelda says its too “ostentatious”.

At the time, her husband is earning P60,000 annually as the President of the Philippines—amount that’s not even enough for a minute in the life of Imelda Marcos. Today, 32 years after his husband was overthrown in the Presidency, Imelda Marcos is found guilty of multiple counts of graft. She is 89 years old.

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