FIFA 2018: European Teams Twist Knife in South America’s Wound

RUSSIA — Full of thrill and drama, the 2018 FIFA World Cup quarterfinals began last night with major upsets for the South American teams. France and Belgium will advance to semi-finals after ending Uruguay and Brazil’s tournament dreams, completing South America’s misfortune.

Uruguay cries after losing to France

France celebrated victory after they won their quarter-final match against Uruguay last night, 2-0. In the 40th minute, Raphael Varane gave a stunning header that put France in the lead. It was then followed by Antoine Griezmann’s soft goal in the 61st minute.

Uruguay seemed aggressive in the game but they failed to score equalizers. With five minutes left, Uruguay’s star player Jose Gimenez broke down crying knowing that they couldn’t make a comeback to redeem the team.

Results: France 2 – Uruguay 0

Seleçãos bow down to The RED Devils

The world’s most prestigious team, Brazil, will have to pack up their bags and go home after Belgium finishes their World Cup run, 2-1. The Seleçãos started strong but the Red Devils similarly played with solid defense and attacks.

Belgium scored early in the 13th minute when the ball hit Fernandinho’s arm and went straight inside the net. Few minutes later, Kevin De Bruyne shot a goal giving Belgium a commanding 2-0 lead. Brazil had a glimpse of hope after Renato Augusto notched a point in the 76th minute. But after the final whistle was blown, it was a confirmed elimination for Brazil.

Results: Belgium 2 – Brazil 1

The next quarterfinal games will be between Sweden and England, and Russia and Croatia. What teams do you think will qualify to the semi-finals? Let us know in the comments below.

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