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Forced to Re-Login on Facebook? Here’s Why You Should Be Alarmed

Did you have to re-login in your Facebook account in the past 24 hours? Turns out, Facebook security is not safe enough as everyone had thought. This gave way for attackers to access your information.

Yesterday, over 50 million Facebook users experienced the uncanny and unidentified control over their accounts. However, Facebook has not yet discovered where did the attack came from and the full scope of it. This is the biggest attack Facebook has experienced yet. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is among the intruded users.

The attackers exploited the “View As” feature in Facebook to get Access tokens from Facebook which enabled them to take over more than 50 millions users. The “View As” feature lets the user see how their profile looks like to someone else. This also lets them see how much information they are sharing with their friends or the public. In an update from the Facebook Newsroom, the social network temporarily took down the feature to reset the access tokens from the affected users.

What to do next?

Facebook suggests that users who were affected by the attack to head on to Security and Login and log out your account from all of the devices and locations with your account.


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