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Even Men Want To Feel Pretty: My Avignon Clinic Experience
Even Men Want To Feel Pretty: My Avignon Clinic Experience
Beauty | January 26, 2021
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As a “derma virgin,” I had no clue what I was getting into, but CEO and President Christopher Cachuela assuaged my fears of the unknown and gave my skin the pampering it never knew it needed

I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive that afternoon, but I still rode the car that brought me to 58 Sgt. Esguerra St., where along with two restaurants, stood the new branch of Avignon Clinic. I came a bit too early, so I went to Mom and Tina’s for lunch before my 1pm appointment. As I slowly finished my steak, I mulled over the idea of procedures and facials. I wondered if I, who have never really put much effort in looking good (not because I’m blessed with godly genes, but because I’ve pretty much given up on myself haha), would ever have thought of undergoing such an experience even if I wasn’t required by a writing assignment. Honestly, my answer that afternoon was no. One, the superficiality of looking good meant succumbing to the demands of a face-value-addicted society, and I am not here to please anybody. And two, I’d rather use my money for a plate of premium steak. But when I went upstairs to meet Chris, it dawned on me why an institution like Avignon Clinic is well met by the public.

Avignon Clinic’s CEO and President, Christopher Cachuela

What Makes Avignon Clinic A Contender In The Industry

At first glance, the place and its ambience was inviting and felt cozy (which is a word I hold in high regard). The rooms were bright and didn’t feel cold as what most clinics feel. I felt like I was visiting a good friend’s place for brunch on a weekend. Rachel, who met me downstairs was accommodating and cheery. Hence, I was instantly charmed by the atmosphere. Upon meeting Chris, the conversation was genuine and I didn’t feel like I was being forced into listening to a salesman talk. He wasn’t forceful, he asked questions and gave advice that felt respectful and caring. I wasn’t rushed into doing a bajillion procedures. My fears as a derma virgin was assuaged.

Avignon Clinic
The warm atmosphere and the soft touches at Avignon Clinic’s newest branch is inviting, taking care of their guests and patients even by its ambience alone.

“Avignon Clinic was established to bring world-class services and machines closer to home at a fraction of the cost. We are giving our countrymen access to treatments that were normally available abroad. Now they no longer have to fly out just to experience those treatments (knowing that there are still travel restrictions.) We also would like to provide better options to patients. We have the exact machines that other high-end clinics have and are confident to say that the major differences are: Firstly, Personalized service and care—you will be treated with utmost care and professionalism. Our staff and doctors are very courteous, and they are already experts at what they do. The experience is similar when you visit 5-star hotels. We often hear from patients who tried us for the first time that they have never felt so respected and pampered, the way we treat them at Avignon,” Chris shares.

He further adds, “Secondly and equally important is the price point. We are sure that we are priced 30% lower or even 40% lower than the clinics that have gone ahead of us. We have the same technology, same machines and we even add more value than just the actual procedure. We apply serums, we perform soothing facial/decolletage massage, and we allow patients to linger on the bed for a few more minutes like a true vacation. We don’t ask them to get up immediately and pay bills because their time is up. So during these challenging times when the beauty and wellness budget is limited, we provide them a good run for their money. Flexible payment methods and bundling discounts can easily be granted and approved.”

Avignon Clinic
For their service excellence, Avignon Clinic was honored with the 3-Star Hyaluronic Acid Award in last year’s Merz Tala Awards.

The Road To Looking Good and Feeling Good

Chris and the assigned doctor then discussed their dermatological advice with me, with a proactive approach in understanding of my skincare routine (which I did not have lol) as well as my previous experiences. We settled for a facial and a laser treatment. I pondered on how Filipino mores once dictated on whether men should obsess about their looks. A couple of decades ago, a woman going under the knife would make headlines. Thank God to acceptance and a more mature approach to body ownership and positivity that both men and women can confidently go to a clinic without the fear of public judgment.

Chris agrees, “It is gradually becoming accepted that beauty is universal. Gone are the days when it’s taboo to have treatments or procedures done. When you look good, you feel good. Also, healthy skin is beautiful skin. And men are starting to understand that too. The beauty/handsomeness of men have gone down from the hair and eyebrows to the skin. Gone are the days when men’s most important asset is his crowning glory. Men have finally realized that life is more than just hair and it is also largely about healthy skin, after all the skin is the largest organ of the body.”

“In the past, men are not too conscious of their skin health, it is their hair that they are mostly concerned of. The simple philosophy and acceptable norm that to be manly is to be scruffy and unkept. But that has slowly changed and we at Avignon Clinic is an active agent to speed up the concept that skin care is for all sexes and that threat of aging skin knows no gender.”

The rooms are designed to make all customers relaxed, rested, and ready to face their renewed and rejuvenated selves.

Have No Fear, Your Trusty Skincare Expert Is Here

For starters, I was treated to a Hydrating Lemon Facial which alleviates the harmful effects of stress (of which I have many) and pollution (hello, Manila) on my skin. The lemon extracts rejuvenate the skin and eliminate dullness as well. After this, the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, which aims to improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin tone. By creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, damaged skin is replaced with healthy tissue to yield a more youthful glow.

“Avignon Hydrating Facial and Vitamin C Silkpeel Facial is a good start,” explains Chris. “It will exfoliate the skin, extract dirt that has probably been in the skin for a long time and lastly we infuse Vitamin C serum to bring back the skin to life.” The Hydrating Facial and Clear + Brilliant laser treatment did my face well, considering how years of neglect and exposure to harmful elements have damaged my skin. Days after my visit, I can already see the positive changes that have taken effect and the good reviews from friends have been encouraging.

Chris tells me that men need not fear the visit to the dermatologist. A step into Avignon Clinic is a step to a new age of wellness, even for men. As I, who have never done so, can now attest. “For men who haven’t tried in-clinic treatments, my advice is that it is never too late to get into it,” offers Chris. “Sometimes, we really need the extra help and our topical skin care done at home just would not cut it. Machines and injectables help achieve more significant improvements in one’s skin as they are able to target deeper without the downtime or surgery.”

AVIGNON CLINIC‘s Quezon City flagship clinic is located at 58 Sgt. Esguerra Ave, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines 1101. The clinic is open from 9am to 6pm. For inquiries, call (+63917) 656 6988 or (+632) 8442 8290.

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