Could This Be An Eraserheads Reunion?

A few days after releasing the remastered version of Ultraelectromagneticpop! on Spotify, Raimund Marasigan posted a video with his ex-bandmates, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro practicing together. Another blonde guy—whose identity is still unknown—is playing the guitar with the ex-bandmates. Eraserheads ex-vocalist and guitarist Ely Buendia, on the other hand, is currently sporting blonde hair at the moment.

This sparked the speculations of the possibility of a reunion of the 90s iconic Filipino rock band.

Eraserheads ex-drummer captioned, “Praktis before game 2”, allegedly talking about the game 2 of the UP and Ateneo men’s basketball finals. This, however, is easily clarified by Ely Buendia by taking on Twitter and saying he will not be involved with the possible collaboration his ex-bandmates might have.

The band’s ex-lead guitarist told Instagram yesterday that there will be an Eraserheads official announcement happening on Friday morning.

Is the long-awaited Eraserheads reunion finally happening? Turns out, it’s still not.

Buddy Zabala, the band’s ex-bassist, announced on Instagram that Ultramagneticpop! is coming on vinyl in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

Only 2,500 numbered copies will be available for public. Ely Buendia’s indie record label Offshore Music will be releasing the limited edition vinyl.

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