UPDATE: No New Chance the Rapper Album, But Releases 4 New Songs

Earlier this week, everyone thought Chance the Rapper is dropping a new album on the weekend following the Grammy Award Winner for Best Rap Album Coloring Book in 2016. Sike! The Grammy winner did not release an album, instead he dropped four new songs!

set called “4 new songs”

Coloring Book is the first Grammy winner for a streaming-only album in history. According to the rapper, it is more important for him to distribute his music so people see and notice that it is a beacon for his beliefs and advocacies.

Which is why, a few hours ago, the rapper released a set with four songs. “I Might Need Security, Work Out, Wala Cam and 65th & Ingleside are available for free streaming in Soundcloud.

Soundcloud is a free music streaming website for aspiring artists, yet Chance always chose this platform. His albums Acid Rap, Coloring Book and a Christmas 2disc album with co-rapper Jeremih are also available for free streaming in his Soundcloud account.

In fact, there is another album that he and Kanye West are currently crafting. In the interview, he said that they already wrote two songs in the previous weeks.“I don’t know of a timeline on it yet, the trajectory of it, but he’s coming here to work on it some more” he said.


Now that he Grammy winner dropped four new songs, chances are, Filipinos may hear it live next month. Chance is heading to Manila on August 22 at the Mall of Asia Arena as part of his Asia Tour. Chance is also heading to Osaka and Tokyo, in Japan and Singapore for the said tour. We hope he brings his new music to Manila!

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