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Bright Pink is the Oldest Color on Earth

Bright pink is an eye-catching color choice for all women’s brands. From clothing, handbags, makeup, to even packaging of women’s products, gadgets, and accessories, it’s a trend that never goes out of style. In fact, Armani Privé  featured pink makeup on this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Bright Pink is the First Color Ever Found

In fact, this color is historical on its own. Earlier this week, Australian National University (ANU) senior lead researcher Jochen Brocks announced that the oldest color on earth is bright pink. Scientists dug through Sahara Desert and found a 1.1 billion year-old marine shale deposit; 1.1B years ago, a time where animals have not existed yet and only molecules stick around earth.

Usually, the fossils that they test do not show the color of the species. Dinosaurs they have discovered before never showed color. These creatures are only 600 million years old, half the age of the pink molecule.

ANU Biochem lab manager Janet Hope holds a vial of the bright pink molecule
Photo Courtesy of ANU

In addition to this, a PhD student from ANU discovered the color in the substance. Nur Gueneli tried crushing some of the discovered fossils and adding them in a local substance. Usually, these tests would reveal brown or black.

Who would have thought we could find answers to such a simple scientific question from a billion year-old molecule?

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