Back to School Food and Drink Ideas for Your Hungry Kids
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Back to School Food and Drink Ideas for Your Hungry Kids

Back to School Food and Drink Ideas for Your Hungry Kids

Food & Entertaining | October 4, 2021
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While your kids are busy with online classes, keep them well-fed and happy with these delicious food finds.

It’s been well over two months of online schooling for our kids. And all those hours of sitting down and watching their screens have definitely made them hungry!

Feeding the young ones a variety of food, however, can be challenging for us moms. I, for example, try to stay away from processed food by making homemade snacks and meals when time permits. Lately, I’ve tried new products and my kids absolutely love my choices.

Here are some of my recommended must-haves!

Ensaymada, Cheese Rolls, and more food from Mary Grace

Say Cheese!

A lot of kids love cheese and my family is no exception. In fact, many recipes—from cheese sticks to spinach chicken wraps, and cheeseboards—can easily be made using Arla‘s selection of cheeses.

Arla is a Danish dairy company and is the 4th largest producer globally. Its chilled cheese assortment is made from the freshest milk and contains natural ingredients. What’s more, the brand boasts of organic products that come from 100% natural fresh cow’s milk, which are free from pesticides, GMOs, additives, and preservatives.

Arla’s selection of Emmental, Havarti, Cheddar, Mozarella, Tex Mex, and Cheddar can even be used for sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and pizza. These different formats (chunks, sliced, and shredded) are perfectly tailored for our daily cheese cravings, too! Products are available in leading supermarkets.

Arla Cheese and Food ideas
Arla’s yellow cheeses provide protein, vitamins A, B6, B12 as well as calcium, zinc, and phosphorus which are important for a balanced diet.

Bread and Then Some

Boulangerie 22

Taking the humble bread to newer heights is Boulangerie 22’s lady boss and chief innovator Andrea Amado. Honoring the best traditional methods while complimenting it with modern techniques, this bakeshop has produced delicious artisan bread that has become a home staple. All savory bread (P59 to P69 apiece) is made from natural ingredients, has reduced gluten, and is packed to preserve its freshness and flavor.

Bestsellers include:

  • Korean Garlic Cream Cheese: sweet and savory sourdough soaked in garlic butter sauce, topped with whipped cream.
  • Japanese Chocolate Pan Bread: crunchy on the outside and oozing with dark chocolate filling in every bite.
  • Japanese Custard Cream Cheese: toast for five minutes and taste the perfect blend of custard and cream cheese filling in this bread!
  • Ube Custard Cream Cheese: ube heaven achieved—this classic is baked with a yam-my twist! Pun intended.
  • Ultimate Cheesy Floss Bread: light and fluffy pork floss bun with a cheddar cheese sauce.

Get your fill delivered by Grab Food, Food Panda, and Quickyph.

Bread and pastries from Boulangerie 22
Nous amoins le pain! Whether for breakfast or for recess, Boulangerie 22’s baked creations are sure to satisfy.

Mary Grace

How about introducing your children to well loved-Filipino delicacies? Mary Grace is the eponymous café and kiosk business of Mrs. Mary Grace Dimacali.

Now with 45 branches—all family-owned and managed—its founder still attributes her success to the two core products that started her pastry shop: the always oven-fresh, ultra billowy signature ensaymada (P109 made with 100% real butter and eggs, topped with grated Edam cheese) and cheese rolls (P70 soft rolls with centers of velvety cheese). Copied but never equaled, these mouthwatering favorites continue to attract younger fans—including my kids!

The mamon (P60, chiffon cake flavored with orange and lemon), lemon bars, and brownie squares are winners, too! Order from Grab Food, Pick A.Roo, and at

Ensaymada, Cheese Rolls, and more food from Mary Grace
Home and Hearth. Taste the goodness of homemade and handmade bread, cakes, and pastries of Mary Grace!

Healthy Choices: Food Edition

All Natural Seasons

All Natural SEASONS Juice Drinks (1L at P70 each or 200ml at P15 each) serve as healthy and tasty refreshments for children. You can choose from four flavors, which combine two tropical fruits—making it more fun for your kids to drink. These include Pineapple Orange, Pineapple Coconut, Pineapple Banana (our favorite!), and Pineapple Mango.

Additionally, this brand encourages parents to read the labels of all items, as it prides itself in using ingredients that are 100% sourced from fruit concentrates and purees, which are infused with Vitamins A, C, and E to strengthen immunity.

Seasons healthy Fruit Juices


Aside from fresh produce, Dole also offers nutritious fruit desserts in a cupJuice Gels+ (P28 each). You can give these to kids during short breaks or after meals to sustain their energy during online classes.

There are 3 variants available: Orange (has Vitamin C for immunity), Raspberry (has Vitamin A to support normal vision), and Pineapple (as Calcium for bone health). Each jelly snack contains chunks of fruits, has no added sugar, and is preservative-free. Yum!

Dole Juice Gels+ Snack
Nutritious, Delicious, and Affordable—SEASONS Juice Drinks and Juice Gels+ provide health benefits to our growing kids.

Pure Nectar

On the subject of fruits, a lot of us have bought fresh juice from Fruit Magic kiosks in groceries before the pandemic. And to keep up with the times, this brand has evolved to producing healthy, cold-pressed juice blends under the Pure Nectar label.

The process uses 14,000 pounds of pressure to extract essential vitamins and minerals from the produce. Thus, drinking cold-pressed juices is an efficient way of consuming the standard recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. In addition, it boosts the immune system and removes harmful toxins from the body. For moms, getting your kids to drink this is already a big win!

Kids can enjoy the Kid-Approved Pack (P1,083), a set that comes in an insulated bag filled with ice. It even comes with printed instructions (must refrigerate at once) and includes the following variants:

  • Alka Boost: apple, pineapple, kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, and cane
  • Cold Defender: orange, pineapple, and carrot
  • Mango
  • Mango Yogurt
  • Mega Omega: banana, kiwi, kale, and spinach
  • Olympian: pineapple, apple, and red beet
  • Strawberry Banana Yogurt
  • Tropical Berries: watermelon, strawberry, and raspberry

The yogurt flavors are definitely a must-have! Order from the brand directly via their Instagram account.

Pure Nectar cold-pressed juices
Premium Local Blends—every bottle of Pure Nectar cold-pressed juice is an easy source of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kraving Korean!

If your kids have been missing out on eating their favorite marinated meats—wrapped in the freshest green lettuce (P125 per bag and pre-washed at that), then fret no more. You can order your choice of sliced meat for grilling or opt for curated gift boxes from Happyfoods Group. This team is behind three popular Korean restaurants in the metro: Sariwon Korean Barbecue, Soban K-town Grill, and Sibyullee Unlimited Korean Barbecue.

We tried the K-BBQ Feast Gift Box B (P2,200) and only have superlatives to describe it. Four packs of beef and pork are included: 500g of marinated USDA Choice beef bulgogi, 250g soy garlic pork belly samgyupsal, 500g of fresh woo USDA Choice of beef belly samgyup, and 500g of sweet and spicy pork bulgogi. Sides include 250g of kimchi, 250g of ssamjang (soybean dip), and 250g woo sauce (sweet sauce for beef).

To enjoy the meal in true Korean fashion, prepare a tabletop grill and have the kids cook the meat on the spot. Cut as you see the oppas do in K-dramas and enjoy!

You can place your order via Viber 0956 340 5674, their website or message the brand’s Instagram page.

Korean BBQ food from HappyFoods Group

A Taste of New York

For the kids who love pizza and pasta, Yellow Cab just launched its Crispy Edge Toaster Oven Pepperoni Pizza (P225), which fans of the premium pizza brand can enjoy even while at home. In fact, you can even buy several packs at select SM Markets and Max’s Restaurants, so that your kids can have them whenever they please!

The pizza comes in an oblong shape (9×5 inches in size) and can be easily cooked using a toaster oven, air fryer, or heated over a stovetop pan.

Pizza from Yellow Cab
Enjoy the taste of Yellow Cab’s Classic Pepperoni Pizza whenever you want!

But how about pairing that pizza with pasta? Starting this month, Yellow Cab will offer their bestselling pasta in party tray size (P900). Available choices include:

  • Chicken Alfredo: creamy pasta with chicken strips, olives, and basil chiffonade
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs: traditional spaghetti with extra-large meatballs simmered in a chunky red wine sauce
  • Charlie Chan: Yellow Cab’s signature pasta with chicken strips, shitake mushrooms, and roasted peanuts in a sweet-spicy oriental sauce

Each order entitles you to avail of their sloppy wedges. These come in different flavors, which include: Spicy Cheese, Garlic Ranch, Smoky BBQ, or the Ultimate (P129 each).

Pasta platters with sloppy wedges from Yellow Cab
Filling and Delicious! Yellow Cab’s Pasta Party Trays and Sloppy Wedges are great for sharing.

Food remains to be the highlight of most of our days. Here’s to hoping that each meal brings the whole family much joy and satisfaction!


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