A Look At Life Outside the Football Field

Have you ever wondered what the life of a professional athlete is like? One would think of someone riding luxurious cars, living in large houses, and being surrounded by beautiful women (or men). But not every athlete enjoys that lifestyle.

We look at how two different professional football teams spend their lives outside the field. For one team, it’s a day at the races. For the other, it’s basically another day at work. Let’s have a peek at what several teams in the 2018 FIFA World Cup do before or after their games.


On average, professional players run for hundreds of miles at practice sessions. They also have to monitor their diet to stay in shape. Furthermore, they have to travel a lot – moving from training venues to different stadiums on a regular basis.

That’s certainly hard and tiring. And for those exhausting days to pay off, the team has to win their games.

Last Tuesday, England celebrated their unexpected 2-1 victory against Tunisia. To recover from the physical pains of their hard-fought win, some of the Three Lions’ players enjoyed a fun unicorn race at the Repino Hotel.

If you can’t have an inflatable unicorn race after a win, when can you? 🦄

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While some football players look at the sport as a full-time job, this team is different. When not playing in the fields, these athletes actually have day jobs.

For instance, team manager Heimir Hallgrimsson still works as a dentist in his hometown. Also, Iceland’s defender Birkir Saevarsson works as a salt-packer at a warehouse in his country’s capital. Saevarsson even worked at the factory days before their opener match.

Goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson became a fan favorite after putting up an impressive show with his superb saves. He is also a director and has already produced some advertisements. Coca-Cola even got him to direct their football campaign ad as seen below.

Back in film business! 🎬

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FIFA 2018: Toni Kroos’ Late Goal Redeems Germany

Last night’s World Cup matches gave Germany a miracle win, another victory for Mexico and the best performance for Belgium.

Germany Stuns Sweden with Stoppage-Time Goal

Germany surprised Sweden with Toni Kroos’ dramatic stoppage-time goal, winning 2-1. After losing to Mexico at the opener, the Germans were in trouble when the Swedes took the lead in the first half. But Marco Reus gave an equalizer in the 48th minute. And just when the match is near to end in a draw, Kroos curled in a 95th-minute superb strike and gave Germany the victory.

Results: Germany 2 – Sweden 1 

El Tri’s Second Straight Win

Beating South Korea 2-1, last night’s game gave Mexico a back-to-back win in this year’s World Cup. Carlos Vela scored in the first half on a penalty kick. The score was then followed by another from Javier Hernandez in the second half. Although South Korea gave a late goal, it wasn’t enough for them to win. Meanwhile, El Tri’s win books them a spot at the last 16 if they win or force a draw in their next match. They can also advance with a loss depending on the outcomes of their groups games.

Results: Mexico 2 – South Korea 1

The red devils keep on scoring

Belgium gave everyone an intense show as they defeated Tunisia last night with a magnificent 5-2 victory. Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard went wild as they scored a brace for Belgium. But the Red Devils did not stop there as Michy Batshuayi stroked another goal and secured Belgium a comfortable win. Consequently, Belgium qualifies for a spot in the round of 16.

Results: Belgium 5 – Tunisia 2

How do you think these teams will do at their next games? Let us know in the comments below.

OMG Weekend Wrap-up: Winners and Losers

It was quite a busy week, wasn’t it? With the ongoing FIFA World Cup games in Russia and Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy gaining global attention, and the oral arguments on Same-Sex Marriage as well as the successful approval of the PH Mental Health Law making waves locally, we round up this week’s winners and losers.

The losers

Die Mannschaft. Germany’s national football team disappointed fans with a crushing defeat from Mexico last Sunday. Clearly, the Germans proved to be too slow for the agile Mexicans. If they want to advance to reach the next round, they need to win their next games with Sweden and South Korea.

US President Donald Trump and Melania Trump. This week’s biggest losers by a mile. The Zero-Tolerance Immigration Policy drew so much flak after news of the plight of immigrant children broke the internet . Moreover, Melania’s choice of wear for a visit at a children’s detention center was clearly off the mark. A jacket that says “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?” doesn’t exactly display tact and sensitivity when you’re around children who have been separated from their parents.

In The middle

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Cool. So YouTube is now trying to go after Spotify and Netflix. But is ad-free video content worth the $11.99? It may be too early to tell, but we don’t think its competitors will be shaking just yet. And honestly, we’re not exactly crazy about ‘Cobra Kai’ as well.

IGTV. Tough call. Though the new app development looks great and is ad-free, CEO Kevin Systrom is looking at advertising eventually. For a target market with incredibly low attention spans, this doesn’t look too good for IGTV. And with YouTube upping its game as well, we’re not sure which app will come out on top.

The winners

Chris Pratt and Gina Rodriguez. Both stars made headlines this week not for winning acting awards but for just simply doing the right thing. Pratt’s speech at the MTV Movie & TV Awards got raves for his funny but highly motivational message. Rodriguez on the other hand, chose to use her Emmy campaign funds to sponsor the college education of a young woman through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles. Perhaps some politicians can learn something from these two.

The Women of Iran. It may have taken nearly 40 years for them to be able to watch football in public, but still, we enjoyed seeing them cheer for their team. And even if Iran lost to Spain that evening, Iran claimed victory by taking a step forward in empowering women and fighting misogyny.

Sen. Risa Hontiveros and the PH Mental Health Law. The biggest victory this week is the approval of the Mental Health Law. At long last, the general welfare of both mental health patients and workers will be given the attention it needs. Principal sponsor Sen. Risa Hontiveros and her co-authors should be given all the credit they deserve. From the words of Sen. Hontiveros, “Finally, help is here.”

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FIFA 2018: Teams Score Their First Victories

An underdog’s unexpected victory, triumphant stoppage time goals, and a revengeful comeback. Last night’s games were nothing short of dramatic.

After garnering satisfying scores, Nigeria, Brazil, and Switzerland finally got their first wins in yesterday’s World Cup matches.

Soaring SUper Eagles went WILD AGAINST ICELAND

Super Eagles fans wildly celebrated their team’s glorious victory at the Volgograd Arena last night. Driven by a hunger for their first win, Nigeria played a stunning 2-0 feat against Iceland.

Both teams struggled getting a goal in the first half. But Nigeria’s hero Ahmed Musa superbly soared in the second half and notched both goals. On Tuesday, Iceland will compete against Croatia while the Eagles takes on Argentina.

Results: Nigeria 2 – Iceland 0

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Brazil’s dramatic win

Brazil also had their taste of victory as Philippe Coutinho and Neymar gave stoppage time strikes against Costa Rica, winning 2-0. Everyone thought the result of the game would be a draw but Neymar stroked a surprising goal. The win redeemed Brazil’s denied victory against the Swiss team last Monday.

Furthermore, Brazil’s dramatic success injured Coach Tite after celebrating. “I pulled a muscle. I’m limping after the celebrations,” he said. His entertaining tumble had some fans in fits of laughter sparking posts on social media.

Results: Brazil 2 – Costa Rica 0


With Serbia’s dominance in the first half, Switzerland came back strong in the second half and scored two winning goals, 2-1. The game almost resulted into a draw with Granit Xhaka’s equalizer cancelling Serbia’s early opener.

However, Xherdan Shaqiri shot a ball past Serbia’s keeper. Swiss’ victory both got Shaqiri and Xhaka celebrating with the Albanian eagle. “In football, you have always emotions and at least you can see what I did and I think it’s just emotion and I’m very happy to score this goal,” Shaqiri expressed.

Results: Switzerland 2 – Serbia 1

The top three teams in Group E will now have to fight for the last two available places in the Round of 16. Who do you think will qualify to enter the next round of matches? Let us know in the comments below.

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FIFA 2018: Croatia Crushes Argentina, 3-0

Argentina is now on the brink of an early cup exit as Croatia dominated last night’s match with a crushing 3-0 scoreline.

Clearly, relying on one man is not Croatia’s strategy to win the game. Blazers’ holy trinity, Ante Rebic, Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic, gave the audiences a stunning show with their winning goals.

On one hand, arguably the world’s greatest footballer Lionel Messi seemed lost throughout the game. Jorge Sampaoli tried to redeem the team’s standing but failed.

Following this, it’s Argentina’s first time to lose either of their opening two games at a World Cup for 44 years. Meanwhile, Croatia’s victory puts them to the World Cup round of 16.

Results: Croatia 3 – Argentina 0


Peru will be sent home early after France beat them on Thursday, 1-0. Thousands of Peruvians went to the game for it was Peru’s first World Cup appearance since 1982. But as France’s Kylian Mbappe stroked a successful shot while Peru scored nothing, it’s a confirmed elimination. France will advance in the tournament’s round of 16.

Results: France 1 – Peru 0


Australia and Denmark’s match went into a draw, a result that doesn’t do anything for the playing teams. The Danes almost snatched the victory but were left frustrated after a VAR-assisted penalty was given to the Aussies. Though there were many attempts to score, the match came to a draw.

Results: Australia 1 – Denmark 1

How do you find this unexpected turn of events? Let us know in the comments below.

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Iranian Women Watch First World Cup Screening Since 1980

For the first time in almost 40 years, the women of Iran celebrated and attended a public screening of the 2018 World Cup in Tehran last June 20.

a milestone in iranian women’s history

Iran, in its second World Cup match, lost against Spain. But that didn’t matter much to these women—their being allowed to watch and support their country’s players was victory enough.

According to NBC News, this was a last-minute decision by the provincial council of Tehran after Iran won its first WC match since 1998.

It was during the 1979 revolution when this ban was proclaimed by the Islamic Republic. Women were forbidden to attend men’s sports events, especially soccer. Violators are to pay fines, or to face arrest or even imprisonment.

Through the years, women have continually protested against the sexist ban. A good example is the “White Headscarves” campaign during the late 1990s. According to The Daily Beast, women would gather in front of stadium gates sporting white headscarves holding slogans that say “Women’s Rights = Only Half the Freedom.”

However, the ban lift was only effective during the Iran-Spain match. But Iranian women are hopeful that this would eventually lead to the actual junking of the policy.

no room for misogynY

In a world where patriarchy is still largely prevalent, women continue to struggle against misogyny in different ways.

Recent years have been witness to women taking a stand to fight for their rights. In fact, the 21st Century is a landmark, for this is when much-brighter light was shone on different oppressed sectors. Such are women, the LGBT community, black people, and the poor, among others.

Victory is achieved when fought for collectively. Iranian women hope that this is the first step to more historical achievements for them, and for all women, in the future.

How do you feel about this triumph of the women of Iran? Let us know in the comments below.

FIFA 2018: Ronaldo’s Goals, Iran’s Disappointment

After a string of upsets since the start of the World Cup, last night turned out differently. Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo became the second top scorer in the world to make international goals. In another game, Iran’s supposed goal was disallowed when the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) ruled it offside from the kick entry. Here’s yesterday’s football round up:

RONALDO continues to score all of portugal’s goals

Coming off from a hat-trick at their opener game, Cristiano Ronaldo did not disappoint last night. Although it wasn’t exactly their best performance, his header was just enough to give the team the win it needs. Portugal will now face Iran on Tuesday. On the other hand, Morocco has been eliminated.

Results: Portugal 1 – Morocco 0


Group A’s game had Saudi Arabia’s Green Falcons packing after they lost to Uruguay last night. It was an improvement though from the losing team, coming from a crushing 5-0 defeat in their opener game last Thursday. Luis Suarez scored the lone goal from the game. With one more game to play, and six points away from third-placing Egypt, both Uruguay and Russia advances to the next stage.

Results: Uruguay 1 – Saudi Arabia 0


Iran’s football fans faced disappointment on two occasions. The first one, when a defender kicked the ball away, hit Diego Costa’s knee, and went in for the goal. Second, when what they thought to be a goal to equalize the game was ruled off by the VAR, disallowing it ultimately. This leaves the Group in a tight situation. With Portugal and Spain at 4 points each, Iran’s last match with Portugal will decide which team among the three will advance to the next round.

Results: Spain 1 – Iran 0

Tonight’s matches will be played by Denmark and Australia, France and Peru, and Argentina and Croatia. Which of these matches are you most excited for?

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FIFA Opener Games: Japan Triumphs Over Colombia in Upset

Japan pulled off another surprising World Cup upset with a 2-1 win against Colombia last night. As a result, the Blue Warriors’ victory marked the first Asian win against a South American team in the past 17 tournaments.

Japan celebrates a historic win

The football fans were surprised with the game’s result for Japan was actually ranked by many as one of the weakest teams. What was even more unexpected is the fact that the team changed coaches shortly before the game.

It was a terrible match for the 10-man Los Cafeteros. Colombia’s star player James Rodriguez had to nurse a leg injury at the start of the game.

On top of that, the team made an early penalty when Carlos Sanchez blocked Shinji Kagawa’s shot with his arm. Several minutes later, Colombia managed to snick a goal under Japan’s wall with Juan Fernando Quintero’s strike.

Rodriguez arrived in the second half of the game and somehow boosted the team. But Japan kept an effective play. Few minutes before the end of the match, Yuya Osako stroked a beautiful header securing Japan’s triumph.

Yesterday’s matches recap

Same Fate. Similar to Japan’s feat, Senegal went away with a 2-1 victory against Poland. The Lions of Teranga’s first goal that took them only thirty minutes was immediately followed by a successful strike by M’Baye Niang. Consequently, Senegal was the first African team to win a match at the 2018 World Cup as Egypt, Morroco, Nigeria and Tunisia all lost their opening games.

Madly Happy Russia. After crushing Saudi Arabia in the opener, Russia had their second taste of victory in their game last night. Beating Egypt with a 3-1 scoreline, FIFA’s host seemed unstoppable in dominating this year’s World Cup. “We are happy, madly happy,” striker Artem Dzyuba expressed.

What other teams do you think will possibly give another World Cup upset? Let us know in the comments below.

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FIFA Opener Games: Kane Scores Win for England

After Mexico stunned Germany in a major upset, the 2018 FIFA World Cup opener matches continue to excite football fans with last night’s dramatic results.

REMARKABLE Opener Matches Recap

Red Devils, Indeed. Belgium marked a 3-0 win against debutants Panama in their opener match. Struggling through the first half, the Red Devils came alive in the second half and kept their momentum on the way to victory. Despite Panamanians’ loss in their first ever World Cup match, many respected them for their tough performance in the game.

Three Lions’ Dramatic Finish. Just when everyone thought it would be a draw, England surprised Tunisia with a 2-1 victory. The late strike gave the Three Lions their first opener win since the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Meanwhile, England’s next match is against Panama on Sunday while Tunisia takes on Belgium on Saturday.

Lions leave it late 🦁🔥 #WorldCup #England #Russia #Kane #ThreeLions

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The ‘Lucky’ Blue-Yellow. The Swedes secured a 1-0 win over South Korea, thanks to a penalty kick goal. Sweden’s opener match victory put them in a tie for first place with Mexico. South Korea surely has to level up their performance to stay in the tournament.

Denied Victory. Despite multiple chances for Brazil to snatch victory, their fight against Switzerland went into a draw. The five-time Champions played strong in the first half as Philippe Coutinho scored a goal. But the South Americans were stunned when Steven Zuber scored an equalizer in the second half.

What are your predictions for their next matches? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mexico Snatches Germany’s Opener in World Cup ’18

Mexico shocked Germany with a surprising win in the group stage opener last Sunday. The strike may or may not have rattled the defending champion’s dream to win a second consecutive World Cup championship.

2014 FIFA tournament champion Die Mannschaft was taken aback by the defeat. It was the first time the German side has lost their opening game since 1982.

Hirving Lozano: The Man of the Match

Most viewers were rooting for the current reigning champion. But that didn’t stop Mexico’s Hirving “Chucky” Lozano to hit a shot past German goalie Manuel Neuer.

Moreover, Mexican fans cheered and jumped in celebration of Chucky’s winning goal which he described as the best goal of his career.

Interestingly enough, several seismic monitoring networks theorized the crowd’s jumps as the cause of an artificial earthquake in Mexico City.

Meanwhile, the winning strike overwhelmed El Tri’s Coach Juan Carlos Osorio that he had to sit down and do breathing exercises.

Osorio said that the team showed that they have a bright future and he is very satisfied with what they did. “We played with bravery when it was needed and also defended with all of our hearts,” Osorio added.

Germany’s Coach Joachim Löw praised Mexico’s performance in the game. But he is confident that they will bounce back in their next matches.

What are your thoughts on this unexpected event? Let us know in the comment below.



Robbie Williams ‘Entertains’ at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremonies

Words by Monique Pamintuan

This year’s FIFA World Cup kicked off last night with a short but grand opening ceremony at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.

Thank you Robbie.🤗 Good Luck Everyone! 🎤🇷🇺🇸🇦⚽🏆 #WorldCup

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British pop icon Robbie Williams performed a few of his songs including ‘Feel’ and ‘Let Me Entertain You.’ However, viewers got a big surprise when Williams stuck his middle finger up to the camera while singing ‘Rock DJ.’



Meanwhile, hundreds of performers amused the audiences by showing Russia’s proud culture in their presentations. Local artist and operatic soprano Aida Garifullin graced the field as she sang while riding a firebird.

Also, pianist Daniil Trifonov and violinist Yuri Bashmet performed a Peter Tchaikovsky’s composition while floating over Moscow river in a pre-recorded opening video.

Zabivaka the wolf

Following tradition, the past tournament’s mascot Fuleco the armadillo introduced 2018’s Zabivaka the wolf.

The opening match started after Brazil’s Cristiano Ronaldo kicked over the ball to Zabivaka, a customary act signalling the tournament’s outset.

According to FIFA, Zabivaka means “the one who scores”, describing him as “a wolf who radiates fun, charm, and confidence.”

The first match ended well for Russia as they scored 5-0 against Saudi Arabia. The succeeding games were Egypt vs Uruguay, Morocco vs IR Iran and Portugal vs Spain.

What are your predictions for the upcoming matches? Let us know in the comments below.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Starts Tomorrow

Words by Monique Pamintuan

Tomorrow, June 14, the much-anticipated 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will finally kick off. Happening every four years, the World Cup is an international football tournament where men’s national teams of FIFA’s member associations compete against one another.

2014 FIFA World Cup RECAP

Before the 21st FIFA World Cup begins, let us relive some moments from the past World Cup that took place in Brazil last 2014.

Surprise goal. United States’ John Brooks, who had only played as a substitute, unexpectedly scored three points which gave his country a winning goal at the World Cup. The moment surprised even Brooks himself and got him saying “Oh my God, have I actually just done that?!”

Heroic blocks. Guillermo Ochoa, Mexico’s goalkeeper, made four remarkable saves which became the highlight of the Brazil vs. Mexico 0-0 match.

Up, up in the air. Who could forget Netherlands’ Robin van Persie, the footballer who made an exceptional blastoff through the air that scored a goal? His act became an internet sensation which his grandfather also copied by doing a landing stance on the floor.

Once Again, History is Made. During their match against Belgium, Tim Howard, another phenomenal goalkeeper, made a record-breaking number of 16 saves in a span of 120 minutes for the United States. This beat the performance of any other goalkeeper in a single match in the World Cup history.

A Record FTW. Germany’s Miroslav Klose also broke a record by giving his team 16 goals over four World Cup competitions, with the last one earning the German footballers the 2014 FIFA World Cup championship title.

What are your favorite moments from the 2014 tournament? Tell us who you’re rooting for in this year’s World Cup in the comments below.