Netflix to Release an Anime Version of Filipino Comic Book ‘Trese’ Netflix to Release an Anime Version of Filipino Comic Book 'Trese'

Along with Amo and Birdshot, Filipinos will be watching another Filipino inspired film by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldissimo entitled Trese on Netflix soon.

According to Rappler, the announcement was made during Netflix’s “See What’s Next Asia” event at Marina Bay Sands on Thursday.

Originally a Filipino graphic novel featuring stories of local mythical creatures, the series will be shown in anime form. However, the date of release is yet to be announced by Netflix soon.

Jay Oliva is the show’s executive producer and this will be produced by Shanty Harmayn and Tanya Yuson of BASE Entertainment – Jakarta and Singapore-based BASE Entertainment.

Pacific Rim, Altered Carbon, Yasuke and Cagaster of an Insect Cage are among other original anime shows that are set to be released on Netflix soon.


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Netflix Launches Smart Downloads

OMG Weekend Wrap-up: Sir, What is Our Current State? weekend wrap-up state

My, my. We didn’t think the week would go as fast as President Duterte’s SONA. His 47-minute speech contained all his plans of action, leaving us wondering, “Aren’t you supposed to talk about current state of the country?” This week was full of controversy, frustration, and a whole lot of memes from the SONA.


Sondos Alqattan. Sondos Alqattan was the sorest of all losers this week. If you haven’t known yet, Alqattan, a Kuwaiti influencer, proudly disagrees with the law that benefits Filipino OFWs in Kuwait, which includes disallowing Kuwaiti employers to hold passports of Filipino workers.  Not only did she receive numerous attacks from people all over the world, but she also lost her partnerships with brands that she has been representing like Mac and Shiseido to name a few. What’s worse is she remains unapologetic about it.

More on FIBA Brawl. It’s been three weeks since the infamous basketball brawl, yet they continue their losing streak. This time, Gilas opted not to play in the Asian games. With all the suspended players (and coaches), it’s quite impossible for Gilas to play (and win) in the league. We hope the team gets their act together.

In the middle

SONA Highlights. One question: What is the country’s current state, Mr. President? In this year’s SONA, the President spent 47 minutes stating his plans for the following year, but little to no achievements were stated. Is it a good thing that the President did not say a single curse, or cussed anyone during his speech? It may be progress. But actions speak louder than words.

Insatiable Fat-Shaming. It’s 2018, yet Neflix has produced a new original series that has a lot of possibilities of fat-shaming. Really, why are people still bullying fat people? And why is Insatiable portraying fat people as defenseless bottomfeeders of the human society? The only good this show has brought so far is that it united its haters. And these haters have very valid points worth the attention they’ve been getting.

SONA Memes. It’s impossible for a Facebook and Twitter user to not see a single SONA and/or GMA meme. It was all over! But these SONA funny reactions and GMA Memes are so funny, it kind of served as a smokescreen for all the flaws of the SONA. First, how Rep. Gloria Arroyo’s appointment of position was so sudden. And second, with all the memes about SONA, are we taking the escapist route instead of focusing on the problems of the country?


#LoveIsAllWeNeed. More power to our LGBTQ+ friends! Politicians and celebrities showed their support for the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE) Bill during SONA. Some of these prominent people were brave to call on lawmakers Tito Sotto, Manny Pacquiao and Joel Villanueva who are more than eager in urging the rejection of this bill. But we do hope for safe, non-discriminating places for our LGBTQ+ friends!

The Ultimate Student Starter Pack. We all must have lost our flash drive during college, have left our IDs at home that led us to reprimands at school, and have worried about draining our cellphone batteries while passing time during traffic. But these smart LaSallians have invented the answer to all our woes: Chargee, an ID case, flash drive and power bank in one! We hope they sell it soon! And at affordable prices, please!

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DC Universe Streaming Service: Subscription and Other Offers

DC Universe

Your favorite DC superheroes are now one click away from your mobile phones! Just Today, DC announced that a DC Universe streaming service will soon to be released.

So what should we anticipate on the new streaming service? How much is the subscription? What movies can you stream? Worry no more because we got the details you need.

DC universe streaming service

According to DC, the monthly subscription would be $7.99. On the other hand, the annual fee would be $74.99, which is totally worth it if you are a solid DC fan.

Besides that, streamers would automatically get access to new shows such as Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, and Swamp Thing. Old ones will be added as well – all Christopher Reeve Superman films, Batman Begins,The Dark Knight, animated television series Batman: The Animated Series, Static Shock Young Justice,Teen Titans, live-action television series Lois & Clark and Wonder Woman (which will be remastered in high-definition). It will also include beloved animated films such as Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Wonder Woman

In addition, back catalogs of DC’s comics and TV shows are also offered.

Just like Netflix, DC streaming services also allows subscribers to download content to be able to read and watch your favorite movies and comics even offline.

Pre-order of an annual subscription is now available. Anyone who will sign up immediately will automatically enter a contest. The prize includes tickets to this years premiere of Aquaman, plus three free additional months to the service.
Reportedly, the DC Universe streaming service is to be released later this fall

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OMG Weekend Wrap-up: High Hopes and Broken Dreams

Some athletes secured their spots at the finals, some went home defeated. A new scientific discovery, a wedding engagement, and a battle won rank on our list. Meanwhile, we talk about how a company fares in an attempt at saving the environment? Weekend wrap-up reveals this week’s losers and winners.


Starbucks Sippy Cups. Starbucks attempts to save the environment by slowly banning their plastic straws. Nice try in trying to save the turtles, but sippy cups? It’s a straight-up band aid solution to the excessive use single-use plastic. If they mean to eliminate the usage of plastic, maybe try a better alternative than replacing plastic with, well, plastic.

Roger Federer. Undefeated in sets at the beginning of this year’s Wimbledon was apparently not enough for him to secure a spot in the finals. Both he and his fans wept as Kevin Anderson whipped the No. 1 seed out of the tournament. We hope to see you come back better than ever next year!


FIFA World Cup Teams. Another broken anticipation. England was so ready for the finals. England thought #FootballsComingHome. Sadly, the fiery anticipation was doused by the Croatia’s win this week. England may have lost, but it was an obvious win for Croatia and France – Croatia in its bid for its first World Cup and France for a much-awaited second championship win! Congratulations and see you in the finals!

Joyce Bernal for SONA. The internet had mixed reactions on the announcement that Bb. Joyce Bernal will direct this year’s State of the Nation Address. The director is well-experienced in the field of cinema and is great at making comedy films. The question is: will her skills and style fit the needs of the President’s SONA?

Bieber-Baldwin Engagement.  All engagements are merry for it is the beginning of a new chapter for the soon-to-be-wedded couple. But for a couple that’s as controversial as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, we think they need to think twice. JELENA fans all over the world are overcome with emotions of anger, sadness, and a mix of both. For all we know, they were just enjoying themselves in the Bahamas. But J. Biebs executed his plan and shook the world with his engagement with the supermodel. Best wishes!


Gary V’s Fight for Life. We are glad Mr. Pure Energy won all his bouts against the health problems he faced in the last few months. And we’re glad he’s on his way back to tip-top shape and recovering. We can’t wait to see him back onstage showcasing his incomparable exceptional talent! We wish you well, Mr. Pure Energy!

Bright Pink. Who would have thought that a color so soft and feminine will answer one of science’s oldest questions? Earlier this week, the researchers of Australian National University found the color in the world’s oldest fossil ever dug. The 1 billion-year-old fossil was not the remains of an animal nor a plant but an organism living on the surface of the earth.

Netflix. What’s better than binge-watching TV series? Knowing that our favorite series are nominated by the Emmys! Another good news is that Netflix made history by having the most number of nominations in a network, surpassing and breaking HBO’s 18-year streak. That’s a good shift in the industry of television series. We’re excited to find out who the winners are!

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Netflix Launches Smart Downloads

One Mega Lifestyle Netflix Smart Downloads

Netflix just launched a new feature yesterday. The new feature fixes all of our binge-watching problems. Smart Downloads is made to automatically download the next few episodes of a movie or series you are following. It also deletes the episodes a user has watched — making more space for new episodes.

The streaming company initially launched downloads in 2016. Since then, it has solved the problem of binge watching without available internet connection.

But if you’re an episode hoarder, don’t fret! If you don’t want them interfering with your downloads, you may disable this feature through Netflix’s Settings.

Smart Downloads is currently available for Android users. The company has not made an announcement yet when they will release it for iOS.



Celebrate Pride Month With These TV Shows

Netflix’s Pride month offerings started with a bang. Queer Eye‘s second season proved to be delightful, as did the series finale of Sense8. But as the month draws to a near, will there be anything new to satisfy your TV cravings? Hence, here are some binge-worthy shows which you can watch with your friends even after the Pride month celebrations have ended.


Ru Paul’s Drag Race (VH1). Legendary drag queen Ru Paul’s show is full of catchphrases, drama, and lip sync showdowns that’s set to leave you asking for more. But don’t worry, with 10 regular and 3 All-Star seasons, Mama Ru has got you covered. With 4 drag queens left this season, Kameron Michaels, Asia O’Hara, Eureka, and Aquaria will battle it out in a ‘Lip Sync for your Life’ extravaganza to bring home the crown in the series finale.

two men learn about acceptance from a 15-year old kid

Champions (NBC). Vince (Anders Holm) is a charming bachelor who owns a gym with his brother Matthew (Andy Favreau). Living the playboy lifestyle seems very easy for the two, until Vince’s high school fling Priya (Mindy Kaling) drops off their out and proud son Michael (played by the very talented JJ Totah).  The credible ensemble cast and exceptional writing will make you watch the entire season from start to finish. And Totah’s campy fierceness is definitely something worth watching.

#Champions get the job (kind of) done! 📷: @mindykaling

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Pose (FX). Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s series about the 80’s ball culture boasts of fun, fashion, and a very talented cast – with two houses, House of Evangelista and House of Abundance competing. Similar to their previous shows (Glee and American Horror Story), the duo also tackles very sensitive yet relevant issues. Aside from the LGBT theme of the show, the series portrays the struggles of living with HIV and AIDS, undergoing transition surgery, as well as a Trump-like character’s ascendancy in power. Grab the Kleenex and start watching.


Killing Eve (BBC America). Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sandra Oh finally gets the leading role we’ve been wanting to see her in. This sexy spy thriller pits two women in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Eve (Oh) is a bored MI5 agent, while Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is a mercurial assassin. The relationship between the two is riveting – you’ll find yourself obsessing about their obsession with each other. Viewers may have accused the show of queerbaiting early on, but the ending had them saying otherwise.


Believer (HBO). In this documentary, Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, talks about how the Mormon community treats their LGBTQ members. Reynolds, a Mormon himself, acknowledges how Orthodox faith has led to many of the struggles of the community. “As a heterosexual white man of privilege, I promise to do all I can to change my broken community, for truly we are broken,” says Reynolds in a Rolling Stone article. Reynolds is a dedicated LGBTQ activist, creating LoveLoud, an annual festival in Utah that is specifically for LGBTQ youth to attend, feel loved and accepted.

Are you as excited to celebrate Pride month? If you’re done watching, head on to Marikina Sports Center this June 30 for the 2018 Pride March. Join the LGBTQIA+ community as they empower the local community with this year’s theme, Rise Up Together. Moreover, let us know which show is your favorite. Or better yet, tell us if you’re marching with us this Saturday in the comments below.

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Google Launches YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Google’s newest applications, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, finally launched last June 18.

The company’s newest entries into the music streaming scene aim to up YouTube’s game and challenge other similar music softwares.

As of now, both apps are available in the United States, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Canada, France, Austria, Finland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

youtube coming through!

According to The Verge, YT Music comes with both an upgraded mobile app and a new desktop interface specifically designed for music. Aside from original album versions of songs, it also features live performances, covers, remixes, and more. It will also frequently give new recommendations based on the user’s listening history.

It has free and premium (YT Music Premium) editions, similar to other music streaming services. The former will have ads, while the latter is for $9.99 a month. The premium version subtracts the ads while enabling downloading and background listening for audio tracks.

YouTube Premium, on the other hand, goes all the way. While it costs slightly higher at $11.99, it offers background listening for videos and eliminates ads from all YouTube content.

The app also has the feature Originals where one can access TV series such as Impulse, Lifeline, and Foursome, among others. In fact, choices are to expand in the near future with the addition of more series, according to Google.

your all-in-one entertainment software?

Proving to be comprehensive, YT Premium somehow combines Netflix and Spotify/Apple Music in one go. Now posing a challenge to these services, users have yet to check out how the newly-launched software will fare against the already-established ones.

Unfortunately for Filipinos, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are still currently unavailable in the country. Google has yet to announce their launch in the Philippines.

What do you think of YT’s newest offers? Let us know in the comments below.

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Why Queer Eye is More Relevant Than Ever

It’s been a few days since the second season of revival series Queer Eye was released on Netflix. Perfectly timed for Pride month, the show once again brings back the five fabulous guys whose  makeovers have benefited the lives of many. Last season had us rooting for a couple, drooling over firemen, and more than anything, surprising ourselves with a generous serving of makeovers.


The original show was all about tolerance – acknowledging the LGBT community as a part of society. Back then, the community didn’t have a powerful presence in media. The original show helped pave the way to changing how the community was viewed. It was a bold statement that proved to its doubters that a show centered on five gay guys can be commercially successful and relevant.

The revival series elevated that. Acceptance was obviously the key message behind the success of the new seasons. It showed us that the LGBT community is no different than any other community. That every one has the capacity to love, accept, and understand. And this is evident with the diverse group of people they encounter. That by immersing in each other’s culture, both the fab five and their subjects are breaking stereotypes and making allies along the way.


In the Philippine setting, much has yet to change both in reel and real life. The way LGBT community is depicted in media can be improved. We’ve yet to see more LGBT actors in movies without being typically comedic (whether as a sardonic-tongued heckler or a receiver of insults). We need more representation from LGBT characters who lead normal lives and have similar problems as their heterosexual counterparts. Because really, aside from hairdressers or best friends of the lead actors, they can also be professionals and leaders (not that we’re against them being hairdressers or any stereotype we’ve seen already, our point is that they can do more).

With the commercial success of shows like’ Queer Eye’ and ‘Sense8’, as well as movies like ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and ‘Love, Simon’, making films and shows with similar themes might actually be successful. But the important question is, is the Filipino audience ready for it?

The new season promises more fun and witty conversations, touching moments, and more men in need of makeovers. But more than that, the message still resonates with all audiences, queer or not. Love and acceptance after all, are universal messages.

Watch the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix. Tell us what your favorite episode is and why this show is awesome in the comments below.

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Fresh Netflix Releases to Watch in the Rainy Weather

Words by Alliyah Villeza

What better activity to do in the comfort of one’s home than turning on the TV for a good couple of hours binge-watching shows on Netflix?

Tropical storm Domeng rolling in had signaled the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. Wet weather means staying in, which then means more time for one to catch up or discover TV series.


The following is a list of fresh Netflix shows and movies you can check out, in case you have already run out:

Thor: Ragnarok. The third stand-alone movie of the franchise, Thor finds himself pitted against a former ally, the Hulk. Sci-fi, comedy and fantasy are blended well in the film that will ensure no moment of dullness. While waiting for the new Marvel installment, this film is here to satisfy your superhero movie craving.

Sense8. With its season finale finally up, Lana Wachowski’s masterpiece about eight strangers from around the globe connected by a consciousness finishes with an end that’s surely to spring tears to any watchers’ eyes. The show’s open and recurring LGBT theme is also just in time for Pride Month.

this is for you. Sense 8 finale, now streaming

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Riverdale. The finale of its latest season had already been shown last month, but this show is perfect if you’re looking for some thrill as the cast tries to unravel the mystery behind a murderer, mixed with young, tough love the two main couples of the show struggle with. Perfect for the bed weather.

Friends. This hit sitcom finally made its way to Netflix Philippines back in January. Considered to be one of the best TV shows of all time, Friends, with 10 seasons, is the absolute perfect series for binge-watching which will have you laughing every minute.

13 Reasons Why. The unfortunate passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade is again an assertion itself of the importance of mental health awareness and how each person, no matter how successful, have his/her own demons to battle. However, viewer discretion is advised for this show as it has several trigger warnings.

13 Reasons Why Season 2: Now Streaming

The truth doesn't always make things right. Season 2 of #13ReasonsWhy is now streaming.

Posted by Netflix on Friday, 18 May 2018

Video Source: The Official Facebook Page of Netflix Philippines (


Which of these recommendations did you like? Do you have any more suggestions? Comment them below.