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OMG Weekend Wrap-Up: On Putting Up a Good Defense

This week, we’ve seen different people defend all sorts of things – from something simple as championship titles, to deeper contexts such as pride and dignity. Some defended themselves through fist fights, some defended themselves through social media. Now that we’ve reached the weekend, let’s see which forms of defense were in our losers and winners list:


FIBA Decision. Defending their pride during their game with Australia didn’t sit too well with FIBA. Now, it’s time Gilas Pilipinas and Australian Boomers face the sanctions given by the organizers. Suspending our 13 players are quite expected, but with 2 coaches? Humiliating. We wonder what Gilas’ move will be after almost losing all our players in the next few games.

Pacquiao Wins. To be fair, Sen. Pacquiao succeeded in defeating Lucas Matthyse with a TKO. Impressive given his age of 39. What made this fall in our loser bracket is that, his fights are making more resounding good news than his work in the government. Hopes are high that the next good news about him is maybe making good changes for the Philippines?

DC Streaming. Great news for DC fans! The concept of the streaming service is a dream come true for every die-hard fan: streaming of new shows and comics are also available in this streaming service. Sadly, not for Filipino DC fans.


Angono Anti-Rape Campaign. Rape will never, ever, ever, be good. This was also supposed to be in the loser bracket. But we are grateful for the netizens and Sen. Hontiveros for pointing out the wrong in that rape reminder that had our heads shaking. Also, Sen. Hontiveros’ compassion and will to help the Angono PNP to prevent disinformation was truly admirable.

Abusive Boyfriend. Also, this will never, ever be good. Any form of abuse is unhealthy. It is through the stories they shared on Twitter that people, whom they do not know, showed their sympathy to the abused and defending the abused to those who are still taking the side of the abuser. Some even offered help for the girls. Faith in humanity restored!


New Music. In preparation of the release of the albums of Chance the Rapper, Ariana Grande, LANY, these generous artists dropped songs during the middle of the week! And we thank them!

Mara Martin. For the longest time, the primary purpose women’s breast are known and it is to nurture. The deed of this model-slash-mom was really brave yet, people always had something to say. Yet she defended herself from all these haters by tagging other amazing women in her post. It’s a definite win for Mara Martin, good job momma! To the haters, suck it up, guys. (no pun intended)

Tournament Champions. France rejoiced as they took home their second FIFA world cup trophy in history! As for the not-so-favored-by-the-crowd Novak Djokovic, and the unexpected Angelique Kerber taking home their Wimbledon trophies, we congratulate them as well. All these champions went through challenging opponents. What a great week for sports!

What can you say about this week’s news? Tell us in the comments below!

FIFA 2018: France Takes Home Their Second World Cup Trophy

france fifa trophy

Moscow, Russia — In one of the most entertaining finals for decades, the 2018 FIFA World Cup ended last night with a six-goal thriller. Yesterday, France finally lifted their second World Cup trophy in history after defeating Croatia, 4-2.

France vs Croatia Match Highlights

The Les Bleus fans celebrated early after the Blazers gifted their team an early lead. It was in the 18th minute when Mario Mandzukic gave France a free point after kicking the ball into his own net. However, Ivan Perisic redeemed their team when he shot a stunning equalizer ten minutes later.

But luck is seemingly not with Croatia for a penalty kick was awarded to France when Perisic made a handball. Antoine Griezmann finished it from the spot and put France back up. Several minutes later, Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe shot two consecutive goals rolling their team to a convincing 4-1 lead.

Four minutes after Mbappe’s successful shot, Mandzukic again made another goal. But as Croatia cannot recover anymore, the final whistle was blown and France was crowned as the 2018 FIFA World Cup Champions.

“This is amazing, it’s the pinnacle: France is on top of the world!,” Coach Didier Deschamps expressed. Take a look at some of France’s precious moments:

Results: France 4 – Croatia 2

THE 2018 FIFA World Cup Winners

Meanwhile, England captain Harry Kane won the Golden Boot after finishing as the World Cup’s top scorer. Moreover, Croatia’s Luka Modric was recognized as the Player of the Tournament and won the Golden Ball. Belgium midfielder Eden Hazard and France forward Griezmann got second and third place, respectively.

Furthermore, the Golden Glove was given to Belgium’s Thibaut Courtois for being the leading goalkeeper after creating 27 saves. And lastly, France’s rising star Mbappe got the Young Player Award.

What are your thoughts on this year’s World Cup tournament? Let us know in the comments below!

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FIFA 2018: Belgium Wins 3rd Place

belgium england fifa

Saint Petersburg, Russia — With only a few days left before the 2018 FIFA World Cup reaches its end, the last competing teams continued their quest for glory. Last night, Belgium gave England a searing pain after scoring goals that secured the Red Devils a third-place victory.

Belgium vs England Match Highlights

In a battle where the bronze medal is at stake, both teams displayed their hunger to make their respective countries proud. Suffering defeat from their previous game, The Three Lions sought redemption. But Belgium delivered better than their opponents – even executing one of their best plays in the tournament.

Four minutes at the start of the game, the Red Devils took the lead when Thomas Meunier shot an early opener past goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. England failed to gave an equalizer. Belgium continued to dominate with Eden Hazard’s successful goal in the 86th minute.

Here’s Hazard’s winning goal:

Results: Belgium 2- England 0

Meanwhile, England’s Team Captain Harry Kane received mixed reactions from fans. But Kane expressed in an interview that his team still has room for improvement. “We’re not the finished article, we’re still improving and will only get better,” Kane said.

Are you excited for France and Croatia’s play tomorrow? Tell us which team you’re rooting for to win the championship trophy!

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OMG Weekend Wrap-up: High Hopes and Broken Dreams

Some athletes secured their spots at the finals, some went home defeated. A new scientific discovery, a wedding engagement, and a battle won rank on our list. Meanwhile, we talk about how a company fares in an attempt at saving the environment? Weekend wrap-up reveals this week’s losers and winners.


Starbucks Sippy Cups. Starbucks attempts to save the environment by slowly banning their plastic straws. Nice try in trying to save the turtles, but sippy cups? It’s a straight-up band aid solution to the excessive use single-use plastic. If they mean to eliminate the usage of plastic, maybe try a better alternative than replacing plastic with, well, plastic.

Roger Federer. Undefeated in sets at the beginning of this year’s Wimbledon was apparently not enough for him to secure a spot in the finals. Both he and his fans wept as Kevin Anderson whipped the No. 1 seed out of the tournament. We hope to see you come back better than ever next year!


FIFA World Cup Teams. Another broken anticipation. England was so ready for the finals. England thought #FootballsComingHome. Sadly, the fiery anticipation was doused by the Croatia’s win this week. England may have lost, but it was an obvious win for Croatia and France – Croatia in its bid for its first World Cup and France for a much-awaited second championship win! Congratulations and see you in the finals!

Joyce Bernal for SONA. The internet had mixed reactions on the announcement that Bb. Joyce Bernal will direct this year’s State of the Nation Address. The director is well-experienced in the field of cinema and is great at making comedy films. The question is: will her skills and style fit the needs of the President’s SONA?

Bieber-Baldwin Engagement.  All engagements are merry for it is the beginning of a new chapter for the soon-to-be-wedded couple. But for a couple that’s as controversial as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, we think they need to think twice. JELENA fans all over the world are overcome with emotions of anger, sadness, and a mix of both. For all we know, they were just enjoying themselves in the Bahamas. But J. Biebs executed his plan and shook the world with his engagement with the supermodel. Best wishes!


Gary V’s Fight for Life. We are glad Mr. Pure Energy won all his bouts against the health problems he faced in the last few months. And we’re glad he’s on his way back to tip-top shape and recovering. We can’t wait to see him back onstage showcasing his incomparable exceptional talent! We wish you well, Mr. Pure Energy!

Bright Pink. Who would have thought that a color so soft and feminine will answer one of science’s oldest questions? Earlier this week, the researchers of Australian National University found the color in the world’s oldest fossil ever dug. The 1 billion-year-old fossil was not the remains of an animal nor a plant but an organism living on the surface of the earth.

Netflix. What’s better than binge-watching TV series? Knowing that our favorite series are nominated by the Emmys! Another good news is that Netflix made history by having the most number of nominations in a network, surpassing and breaking HBO’s 18-year streak. That’s a good shift in the industry of television series. We’re excited to find out who the winners are!

What can you say about this week’s news? Tell us in the comments below!

FIFA 2018: France Faces Croatia in the World Cup Finals

croatia fifa world cup

Luzhniki Stadium, Russia — The game between France and Belgium last Tuesday was already full of thrill and drama. But apparently, it’s nothing compared to what football fans just witnessed last night. In a surprising finale, Croatia ended England’s World Cup dream with a 2-1 scoreline.


Interestingly enough, England won the poll that FIFA World Cup official Twitter account created, getting 54% of the votes. Somehow positive that their team will win, England fans went into the game wearing wild smiles. In addition, ‘football’s coming home’ resounded both in the internet and in the stadium.

The Three Lions started strong early in the game. In the 5th minute, England took the lead when Kieran Trippier’s shot went past goalkeeper Danijel Subašić on the free kick.

In the second half, the Blazers made a comeback when Ivan Perišić shot an equalizer in the 68th minute. Everyone thought that the match will end in a penalty shootout. However, Mario Mandžukić made a surprising goal in the extra time, snatching victory from England.

Here’s a video of Mandžukić’s shot:

On Sunday, Croatia will face France in the finals in Moscow. Meanwhile, England takes on Belgium in the third-place match.

After watching France and Croatia’s performance, who do you think will win in the World Cup finals? Let us know in the comments below!

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FIFA 2018: Samuel Umtiti Takes France to World Cup Finals

france world cup

Saint Petersburg, Russia — The remaining days of the 2018 FIFA World Cup gets more dramatic than ever as the last four teams now fight for a spot in the finals. After the game last night, France secured a ticket to Moscow with a 1-0 win over Belgium.


The first half of the game was full of unsuccessful attacks from the competing teams. The Les Bleus and the Red Devils both put up a brilliant defense. Belgium tried to break France’s wall but failed. After a seemingly dull game in the second half, Samuel Umtiti stroked a stunning header that sent the Les Bleus fans into a frenzy. Here’s the video of the winning goal:

After defeating Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium in the knockout stage, France finally reaches the finals. On Sunday, the Les Bleus will either take England or Croatia. Meanwhile, the loser faces Belgium in the third-place match on Saturday.

What team do you think will get the World Cup trophy? Let us know in the comments below.

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FIFA 2018: England, Croatia Advance to Semi-finals

england croatia final four

RUSSIA — The 2018 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal ended last night with dramatic and intense games. Kicking Sweden and Russia out of the tournament, England and Croatia complete the last four teams that will fight for a place in the final round. Here are the highlights of last night’s matches:

Maguire, alli take England to semi-finals

England will advance to the semi-finals after a convincing 2-0 victory against Sweden last night in Samara, Russia. The Three Lions just needed two stunning goals and three massive saves to bring football home; which they stunningly did.

Three Lions’ Harry Maguire made an early goal in the 30th minute putting his team on the lead. Almost thirty minutes later, the ball fell to Jesse Lingard which he sent to the back post. Dele Alli took the ball, kicked it straight into the goal and danced!

As Sweden failed to score equalizers and the final whistle was blown, England gets a ticket to semi-finals, its first since 1990. The game caused the fans to shout and jump wildly in the arena. Football’s coming home!

Results: England 2 – Sweden 0


Ending in an intense penalty shootout, Russia will have to just watch the other teams play from now on after Croatia put them in a shocking defeat. It was a tremendous heartbreak for the World Cup host but a huge celebration for Croatia.

Russia initially thought that luck was siding with them as Dennis Cheryshev stroked an early goal in the 31st minute. But Croatia did not waste any time and scored an equalizer in the 39th minute.

Taking the chance to score again, Croatia’s Domagoj Vida produced another point in the 100th minute. However, Russia notched a late equalizer, ending the game in a draw. As usual, the teams will have to undergo a PSO which ended in a victorious 4-3 for Croatia.

Results: Croatia 2 (4) – Russia 2 (3)

After watching the quarterfinal games of the football teams, who do you think will make it to the finals? Let us know in the comments below!

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FIFA 2018: European Teams Twist Knife in South America’s Wound

fifa world cup 2018 quarterfinals

RUSSIA — Full of thrill and drama, the 2018 FIFA World Cup quarterfinals began last night with major upsets for the South American teams. France and Belgium will advance to semi-finals after ending Uruguay and Brazil’s tournament dreams, completing South America’s misfortune.

Uruguay cries after losing to France

France celebrated victory after they won their quarter-final match against Uruguay last night, 2-0. In the 40th minute, Raphael Varane gave a stunning header that put France in the lead. It was then followed by Antoine Griezmann’s soft goal in the 61st minute.

Uruguay seemed aggressive in the game but they failed to score equalizers. With five minutes left, Uruguay’s star player Jose Gimenez broke down crying knowing that they couldn’t make a comeback to redeem the team.

Results: France 2 – Uruguay 0

Seleçãos bow down to The RED Devils

The world’s most prestigious team, Brazil, will have to pack up their bags and go home after Belgium finishes their World Cup run, 2-1. The Seleçãos started strong but the Red Devils similarly played with solid defense and attacks.

Belgium scored early in the 13th minute when the ball hit Fernandinho’s arm and went straight inside the net. Few minutes later, Kevin De Bruyne shot a goal giving Belgium a commanding 2-0 lead. Brazil had a glimpse of hope after Renato Augusto notched a point in the 76th minute. But after the final whistle was blown, it was a confirmed elimination for Brazil.

Results: Belgium 2 – Brazil 1

The next quarterfinal games will be between Sweden and England, and Russia and Croatia. What teams do you think will qualify to the semi-finals? Let us know in the comments below.

Sweden, England Complete Quarterfinal Line-Up
Brazil Defeats Mexico, Belgium Rallies Past Japan
Russia, Croatia Enter Quarterfinals After PSO Win

FIFA 2018: Sweden, England Complete Quarterfinal Line-Up

RUSSIA — Last night’s matches sealed off the 2018 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 with thrill and drama. Sweden and England enter last eight after defeating Switzerland and Colombia, respectively. The other teams that will compete in the quarterfinals are Uruguay, France, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, and Croatia.


Sweden’s Emil Forsberg ended Switzerland’s World Cup journey last night as he scored one goal that secured their victory. Similar to their past games, the Swedes are low in attacks but are strong in defense. The Swiss created more shots but they just can’t break Sweden’s wall.

Results: Sweden 1 – Switzerland 0


Although their game with Los Cafeteros went into a draw, the Three Lions will enter last eight after winning an intense penalty shootout, 4-3. Despite not having star-player James Rodriguez in the game, Colombia gave a tough fight.

Everyone thought Harry Kane’s goal in the 57th minute was England’s victory. But Colombia’s rising star Yerry Mina shot a dramatic equalizer in injury-time. Consequently, the match has to end in a PSO where the Three Lions won.

Results: England 1 – Colombia 1 (PSO 4-3)

Meanwhile, some celebrities went wild in the internet over Three Lions’ insane game, claiming that football is coming home to England.

What teams do you think will advance to the semi-finals? Let us know in the comments below.

FIFA 2018: Brazil Defeats Mexico, Belgium Rallies Past Japan

RUSSIA — Away now from the dramatic penalty shootouts last Sunday, the FIFA World Cup 2018 Round of 16 matches last night treated the fans with a thrilling and shocking show. Brazil and Belgium kicked Mexico and Japan out of the tournament after giving convincing victories.
Brazil Kills Mexico’s World Cup Hopes
Mexico looked pretty ready, physically and mentally, even hiring a psychologist to prepare the team for victory. But Brazil took away Mexico’s chances to enter the quarterfinals after the Seleção notched two goals that secured their win.
Mexico dominated the game in the first half, possessing the ball, breaking Brazil’s defense and taking chances to make a goal. But Brazil’s hero Neymar turned the game around and shot a goal in the 51st minute where Mexico failed to give an equalizer. In the 88th minute, they had another goal from Roberto Firmino assisted by Neymar. Mexico tried to redeem their team but it was too late, the Seleçãos already won.
Results: Brazil 2 – Mexico 0

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Meanwhile, Japan will bring home disappointments after losing a game they almost won. Belgium had a merciless victory after they crushed Japan’s 2-0 lead and scored three goals that led them to triumph.
Few minutes in the second half, the Red Devils fans were just about to cry looking at the initial results. But Belgium Coach Martinez had a game-changing decision when he let Marouane Fellaini and Nacer Chadli play.
Several minutes later, Jan Vertonghen shot a goal followed by Fellaini in the 74th minute. Substitute Chadli completed Belgium’s comeback in the final minute of stoppage time, taking the Red Devils to quarterfinals.
Results: Belgium 3 – Japan 2
After the matches last night, who do you think will win in Brazil and Belgium’s quarterfinal match? Let us know in the comments below.

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FIFA 2018: Russia, Croatia Enter Quarterfinals After PSO Win

RUSSIA — Different from the first two matches of the Round of 16 which gave convincing results, last night’s games were nothing short of bizarre and dramatic. With similar fates, Russia and Croatia will advance to the quarterfinals after winning in the penalty shootout or PSO following their matches that both ended in draws.

For those who are not familiar, a PSO is a method of determining a winner in a match that cannot end in a draw. Each team will have five attempts to shoot a goal from the penalty mark with the goalpost defended only by the goalkeeper.

Russia Defeats Spain over penalties

After Argentina and Portugal were sent home last Saturday, one of crowd’s top picks to win the World Cup will head home too. Yesterday, Spain lost their grip on the champions trophy as Russia snatched victory with a 4-3 PSO win. Apparently, the golden days of arguably the world’s best teams has concluded.

Spain scored early in the 12th minute but Russia’s Artem Dzyuba gave an equalizer in the 41st. Then, the game went on with lots of ball passing, 1,363 to be exact. Despite ending their game in a draw, host nation Russia celebrated triumphantly over Spain after a thrilling PSO.

Results: Russia 1 – Spain 1 (PSO 4-3)

ivan rakitic takes Croatia to quarterfinals

Meanwhile, Croatia will face Russia in the quarterfinals after they ousted Denmark from the World Cup with a PSO win too.

Denmark’s Mathias Jorgensen shot a very early goal at the first minute, giving his team an advantage. But in the 4th minute, Mario Mandzukic scored an equalizer for Croatia. Same with Russia and Spain’s game, the match went on with many attempts to score but both teams failed. The game was concluded with a PSO where Croatia’s Ivan Rakitic secured his team’s victory, 3-2.

Results: Croatia 1 – Denmark 1 (PSO 3-2)

Who do you think will win in Russia and Croatia’s match in the quarterfinals? Let us know in the comments below.

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FIFA 2018: France, Uruguay Sends Messi, Ronaldo Home

RUSSIA — The 2018 FIFA World Cup knockout stage began last night with the Round of 16. France and Portugal celebrated victory after their unpredictable and thrilling match against Argentina and Portugal. Consequently, football’s biggest star players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, bid goodbye to their World Cup dreams.


France defeated Argentina yesterday with a 4-3 win, sending five-time world player Lionel Messi home with disappointments. The Argentines started strong in the first half. They even showed that this time, they are not relying on Messi to win the game. But they failed to match France’s skill and firepower.

Despite the fact that Les Bleus faces a very experienced team, they did not show any hesitation nor fear. Early in the first half, Antoine Griezmann scored a goal over a penalty. However, the Albicelestes gave two consecutive goals in the second half. But France’ Benjamin Pavard gave an equalizer in the 57th minute.

Pavard’s equalizer was immediately followed by two more goals from 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe. Argentina’s Sergio Aguero shot a late goal hoping they can still win but it was already a defeat for his team.

Results: France 4 – Argentina 3

Cavani sends Uruguay TO LAST EIGHT

Meanwhile, Uruguay beat Portugal with two brilliant goals from Edinson Cavani, sustaining their unconquered victories in this year’s tournament. Accordingly, Portugal’s biggest player Cristiano Ronaldo marches out of the World Cup for good. In this game, the La Celestes showed good timing, teamwork and organization can bring them victory.

Assisted by Luis Suarez, Cavani scored early in the first half. It was met by Pepe’s equalizer in the 55th minute. However, Cavani shot his second goal in the 62nd. With 20 minutes remaining, Cavani had to get out of the game due to a pain in his calf. But his teammates secured Uruguay’s win with their stunning defense and counterattacks.

Results: Uruguay 2 – Portugal

What do you think will happen in France and Uruguay’s quarter-final match? Let us know in the comments below.

Knockout Stage Begins Tonight
Belgium Beats England in a Lackluster Game
Germany Toppled; Teams Advance into Second Round

OMG Weekend Wrap-up: Germany Loses But Love Wins

one mega lifestyle weekend wrap-up

So the knockout stage is starting this weekend with France and Argentina playing the first game tonight (Uruguay and Portugal will play the second game). And though the 2014 FIFA champions lost the chance to take a second consecutive title, it was victory for all Game of Thrones fans when Kit Harington and Rose Leslie got married. We round up this week’s losers and winners:

The losers

Toys “R” Us. After a series of employee protests and the company filing for bankruptcy, the toy empire is now closing its doors in the US. With the rise of online shopping and the company’s unsustainable debt, it was finally time to accept defeat. Can Party City do better?

Die Mannschaft. Clearly this week’s biggest losers. And we thought they were gonna make it! Though the week started promising with a win over Sweden, the former champions suffered a terrible defeat from South Korea. With the loss, they are now the third team to not reach the knockout stage in the past four World Cups.

In The middle

Singapore Tourism. We understand the need for protective health measures given that the country is a tourist hotspot. What we don’t know though is how this will affect the company’s tourism given that travelers will be required to be vaccinated and will be put under surveillance. Any predictions?

The Taeguk Warriors. Forgive us for the excessive football fever but wasn’t that an impressive show of skill? Though South Korea will not advance to the knockout stage, we’re still hoping Son Heung-Min and Kim Young-Gwon can come back in 2022 with better results. The first Asian team to defeat former champions? Seriously, it’s still a win.

The winners

Whang-od. Thank you government for acknowledging Whang-Od’s contributions in preserving national culture. The last and oldest mambabatok definitely deserved the Dangal ng Haraya award from the NCCA. Let’s hope our fellow Filipinos will be just as grateful by giving the lady some time to rest from all the hard work she does.

Jon Snow and Ygritte. Now there’s Game of Thrones wedding where no one died! Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were married over the weekend. The lovely couple was greeted by fans all over the world. Finally, a happy ending for two characters fans have been ‘shipping for years.

James Corden and Sir Paul McCartney. Now that was an awesome episode of carpool karaoke! The internet was shook! Everybody who watched the legendary musician talk about his songs got emotional about it. At this time when the world is so chaotic and unpredictable, indeed, love is all we need.

Any thought about this week’s news? Let us know in the comments below.


FIFA 2018: Knockout Stage Begins Tonight

RUSSIA — With 16 teams remaining, the World Cup is more intense than ever. And for something that happens once every four years, the entire event a global phenomenon that people watch out for. So before 4 teams duke it out for 2 spots at the quarterfinals, why don’t you tell us your bracket predictions?

Considering how many were surprised with the outcomes of the group stage, the knockout stage will be just as exciting. With the defending champions sent home early, will finally see Portugal raise the trophy? Or will the breakthrough performances of Croatia and Belgium take them to the top?


Earn bragging rights by printing out the bracket below and comparing your predictions with friends (and FIFA 2018 enemies).

Belgium Beats England in a Lackluster Game
Germany Toppled; Teams Advance into Second Round
More Teams Advance to Knockout Stage

FIFA 2018: Belgium Beats England in a Lackluster Game

RUSSIA — Just when the fans expected a lot from England, their game with Belgium turned out to be a disappointment. That and other upsetting group finales concluded the 2018 FIFA World Cup group stage. Here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s games:


Belgium defeated England 1-0 in a game where they both initially showed no desire in winning. After a lackluster show in the first half, the Red Devils decided to give a good game in the second. And in the 51st minute, Adnan Januzaj shot a wonderful goal and gave Belgium victory.

Meanwhile, the England fans expected a lot from their team after they thrashed Panama last time with a 6-1 win. But in this game where they fight for the first place in Group G, Coach Gareth Southgate strangely benched the star players.

We don’t really know what these players have in mind or what the teams are planning but they surely disappointed a lot of fans.

Results: Belgium 1 – England 0


Meanwhile, Japan will enter the last 16 even if Poland beat them with a shameful scoreline, 0-1. Japan’s Coach Akira Nishino made some unusual decisions in the game, especially when he did not let several of Japan’s scorers play. But with the  Fair Play that favored the Samurai Blue, they will luckily enter the knockout stage.

Results: Poland 1 – Japan 0


Thousands of Colombia fans celebrated as their team snatched victory that will take them to the round of 16. Both teams played intense, knowing that this game will determine their fate. But Colombia somehow faltered when James Rodriguez was kicked out of the game after an injury early in the first half. However, Yerry Mina saved them with his successful kick in the 74th minute.

Results: Colombia 1 – Senegal 0


The Eagles of Carthage only played for pride last night but they gave their fans a good game to end their World Cup journey. Panama scored early in the first half but gave an equalizer in the 51st minute. Although the Panamanians are definitely thirsty for a first win, Tunisia didn’t gave them a chance as they scored again securing their victory.

Results: Tunisia 2 – Panama 1

After watching them play in the group stage, what teams do you think will dominate in the last 16? Let us know in the comment below.

FIFA 2018: Germany Toppled; Teams Advance into Second Round

RUSSIA — The 2018 FIFA World Cup continues to bring fans to their knees with the influx of shocking results. Surprisingly, Germany, the defending champion, has officially been kicked out of the tournament. Meanwhile, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, and Mexico push into the Round of 16.

germany makes horrific exit

In perhaps one of, if not the most, staggering matches yet, Korea Republic defeated Germany 2-0. The Taeguk Warriors snatched the win with Kim Young-Gwon’s injury-time goal and Son Heung-Min’s open-net one. Consequently, Germany’s exit makes it fourth of the last five winners to be removed in the group stage.

Results: South Korea 2 – Germany 0

The🏆holders, are out. 🇩🇪 #WorldCup #Germany #shock 📸 @catherineivill

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mexico pulls through

Meanwhile, thanks to Germany’s defeat, Mexico gets to advance into the Round of 16. Having suffered defeat against Sweden 3-0, it was the team’s only hope. In fact, this is El Tri‘s seventh successive time to qualify for the second round. On the other hand, Sweden ends up group winners.

Results: Mexico 0 – Sweden 3

brazil triumphs over serbia

Beating Serbia 2-0, Seleção Brasileira finishes top of Group E. Paulinho and Thiago Silva’s goals did not go to waste as Brazil is now on to face Mexico on a second-round meeting. Serbia, on the other hand, bids WC goodbye.

Results: Brazil 2 – Serbia 0

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switzerland secures entry into second round

Ending with a 2-2 draw against Costa Rica, Switzerland makes its advance into the second round. In fact, La Nati only needed one point for their last Group E game to reach the knockout stage. However, Serbia losing against Brazil already meant they would make it either way. Furthermore, Switzerland will be facing Sweden next.

Results: Switzerland 2 – Costa Rica 2

After last night’s exciting games, what do you think of the latest World Cup outcomes? Comment below!

FIFA 2018: Spain and Portugal Clinch Spots at Final 16

RUSSIA — FIFA World Cup gave us again a set of thrilling and insane shows as the Group B teams yesterday battled for a spot in the knockout round. After last night’s matches, both Spain and Portugal will advance to the final 16.


Spain denied Morocco a win after they scored a late goal, ending the match in a draw, 2-2. Morocco was on the lead both on the first and second half but Spain kept on giving equalizers. Consequently, Spain’s total scored goals will take them to face Russia on the Round of 16.

Results: Spain 2 – Morocco 2


Similar with Spain, Portugal nailed a place in the knockout stage although their match against Iran went into a draw, 1-1. Considered now as his team’s hero, Ricardo Quaresma gave Portugal a stunning curler in the first half. But Iran surprised them with a penalty kick, earning a point. Portugal will face Uruguay on Saturday.

Results: Portugal 1 – Iran 1


Fighting for pride, Saudi Arabia defeated Egypt with a late goal, 2-1. Mohamed Salah scored a goal in the 22nd minute, putting Egypt on the lead. But Saudi gave an equalizer when they got two penalty kicks in which they missed one. In addition, Salem Al-Dawsari kicked a goal at the 95th minute that led Saudi to snatch victory.

Results: Saudi Arabia 2 – Egypt 1


What do you think will happen in the knockout games of Spain and Portugal? Let us know in the comments below.

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FIFA 2018: England Hits Panama With Six Goals

RUSSIA — The World Cup fever continues to take over as recent matches bring crazier moments and  more historic results. Yesterday, England secured themselves a spot at the next round of games by an insane 6-1 win against Panama. Moreover, Japan, Senegal and Colombia now battle for qualification at the knockout stage.

ENGLAND TRamples Panama

Although they played silly unicorn race right after their victorious opener, the Three Lions are straight-out serious in winning this tournament. Just last night, England made the whole stadium crazy as they thrashed Panama with a terrifying 6-1 scoreline.

A combination of Harry Kane’s hat-trick, John Stones’ brace and Jesse Lingard’s goal secured England a spot in the knockout stage. Thousands of Three Lion’s fans will surely book last-minute trips to Russia hoping that their team will bring home the tournament’s trophy.

Results: England 6 – Panama 1

Japan holds Senegal to a draw

Both Japan and Senegal are still hopeful to qualify for the knockout rounds when their game yesterday went to a draw, 2-2. Sadio Mane and Moussa Wage put Senegal on an early lead, but their goals were immediately met by equalizers from Takashi Inui and Keisuke Honda. On Thursday, Japan will face Poland while Senegal will take on Colombia.

Results: Japan 2 – Senegal 2

Colombia BlEW Poland’s World Cup hopes

Dominating the match yesterday, Colombia produced a triple score blowing Poland out of World Cup. In addition, Radamel Falcao, Yerry Mina and Juan Cuadrado’s goals redeemed Colombia from their loss against Japan in their opener match. Consequently, Colombia is now in a battle with Japan and Senegal for the group’s two spots in the next round of matches.

Results: Colombia 3 – Poland 0

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A Look At Life Outside the Football Field

RUSSIA — Have you ever wondered what the life of a professional athlete is like? One would think of someone riding luxurious cars, living in large houses, and being surrounded by beautiful women (or men). But not every athlete enjoys that lifestyle.

We look at how two different professional football teams spend their lives outside the field. For one team, it’s a day at the races. For the other, it’s basically another day at work. Let’s have a peek at what several teams in the 2018 FIFA World Cup do before or after their games.


On average, professional players run for hundreds of miles at practice sessions. They also have to monitor their diet to stay in shape. Furthermore, they have to travel a lot – moving from training venues to different stadiums on a regular basis.

That’s certainly hard and tiring. And for those exhausting days to pay off, the team has to win their games.

Last Tuesday, England celebrated their unexpected 2-1 victory against Tunisia. To recover from the physical pains of their hard-fought win, some of the Three Lions’ players enjoyed a fun unicorn race at the Repino Hotel.

If you can’t have an inflatable unicorn race after a win, when can you? 🦄

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While some football players look at the sport as a full-time job, this team is different. When not playing in the fields, these athletes actually have day jobs.

For instance, team manager Heimir Hallgrimsson still works as a dentist in his hometown. Also, Iceland’s defender Birkir Saevarsson works as a salt-packer at a warehouse in his country’s capital. Saevarsson even worked at the factory days before their opener match.

Goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson became a fan favorite after putting up an impressive show with his superb saves. He is also a director and has already produced some advertisements. Coca-Cola even got him to direct their football campaign ad as seen below.

Back in film business! 🎬

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FIFA 2018: Toni Kroos’ Late Goal Redeems Germany

RUSSIA — Last night’s World Cup matches gave Germany a miracle win, another victory for Mexico and the best performance for Belgium.

Germany Stuns Sweden with Stoppage-Time Goal

Germany surprised Sweden with Toni Kroos’ dramatic stoppage-time goal, winning 2-1. After losing to Mexico at the opener, the Germans were in trouble when the Swedes took the lead in the first half. But Marco Reus gave an equalizer in the 48th minute. And just when the match is near to end in a draw, Kroos curled in a 95th-minute superb strike and gave Germany the victory.

Results: Germany 2 – Sweden 1 

El Tri’s Second Straight Win

Beating South Korea 2-1, last night’s game gave Mexico a back-to-back win in this year’s World Cup. Carlos Vela scored in the first half on a penalty kick. The score was then followed by another from Javier Hernandez in the second half. Although South Korea gave a late goal, it wasn’t enough for them to win. Meanwhile, El Tri’s win books them a spot at the last 16 if they win or force a draw in their next match. They can also advance with a loss depending on the outcomes of their groups games.

Results: Mexico 2 – South Korea 1

The red devils keep on scoring

Belgium gave everyone an intense show as they defeated Tunisia last night with a magnificent 5-2 victory. Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard went wild as they scored a brace for Belgium. But the Red Devils did not stop there as Michy Batshuayi stroked another goal and secured Belgium a comfortable win. Consequently, Belgium qualifies for a spot in the round of 16.

Results: Belgium 5 – Tunisia 2

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