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Childish Gambino Remembers Mac Miller in Chicago Concert remembering mac miller

“I’m a very sensitive person. But this Mac Miller sh** got me f**ked up”, says Childish Gambino when remembering Mac Miller during his concert in Chicago’s United Center yesterday.

Just as Childish Gambino starts performing his new single Riot, he says “This song is for him. Because I feel like sometimes he wanted to let go.”

The closeness between the two rappers is apparent. As a matter of fact, the two rose to the music scene around the same time. Lastly, he adds, “Like my heart was broken… and I feel good about being sad because it tells me that he was special, that I had a special moment… Everybody in this room deserves that.”

Remembering Mac Miller

The late rapper Mac Miller passed away on Saturday due to an apparent drug overdose. At 26, Mac Miller produced five studio albums. Also, the rapper was in a 2-year relationship with Ariana Grande until May of this year.

Also, Drake dedicated his Boston show to the late rapper on Saturday while performing his song Emotionless. Meanwhile, Sir Elton John dedicated his song Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me during his concert also on Saturday.

Lastly, other rap and r&b artists and community pay tribute to Mac Miller’s death over the weekend:


Bishop Apologizes After Unseemly Touching Ariana Grande in Aretha Franklin Funeral Bishop Apologizes After Unseemly Touching Ariana Grande in Aretha Franklin Funeral

Bishop Ellis who officiated the funeral of Late Aretha Franklin apologized after inappropriately touching Ariana Grande during the commemoration.

Bishop Ellis’ apology: ARE WE ACCEPTING IT?

Grande took the stage to sing a tribute to the late Queen of Soul. Following this, the singer was welcomed onstage by Bishop Ellis where Grande was said to be “inappropriately touched.”

Meanwhile, according to Bishop Ellis, it was never his intention to touch any woman’s breast and he constantly hugs male and female artists he meets.

“I hug all the female artists and the male artists,” Ellis stated, “Everybody that was up, I shook their hands and hugged them. That’s what we are all about in the church. We are all about love.” he added.

Consequently, Bishop Ellis explained his side regarding what happened during the tribute, “I don’t know I guess I put my arm around her,” he said. “Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar but again, I apologize,” he added.

In addition, the Bishop apologized to Grande’s fans as well as to the singer.

“I personally and sincerely apologize to Ariana and to her fans and to the whole Hispanic community. When you’re doing a program for nine hours you try to keep it lively, you try to insert some jokes here and there.” Bishop Ellis explained.

Meanwhile, Grande hasn’t given any comments yet regarding the issue. Many fans of the singer have responded negatively to what has happened. And after watching the video, you could see how Ariana looked uncomfortable at some point and Bishop Ellis couldn’t take the hint.

Should Ariana accept his apology? What do you think really happened? Let us know in the comments below!


Ariana Grande’s Sweetener Album Is Finally Out!
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Reportedly Engaged

The Weeknd Is Coming to Manila for His 2018 Asia Tour the weeknd manila asia tour 2018

For the first time ever, The Weeknd is touring Asia later this year. And, as part of his Asia Tour, the Canadian singer-songwriter is stopping by the Philippines on December 7.

For the meantime, concert promoter Music Management International (MMI) is yet to announce the ticket details and venue. However, the concert promoter usually houses concerts in the Mall of Asia Arena. Additionally, in the artist’s promotional post, it says “Arena + Stadium Tour in Asia”.

Moreover, the award-winning musician is also heading to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Taipei, Seoul, and Tokyo.

The weeknd’s discography

Earlier this year, the singer released his EP My Dear Melancholy, after his alleged breakup with Selena Gomez. Previously, he released three studio albums: Kiss Land (2013), Beauty Behind the Madness (2015), and Starboy (2016).

Also, he is famous for his collaborations with Ariana Grande, Drake, Travis Scott, Future, and Lana Del Ray to name a few.

Are you excited for The Weeknd’s concert in Manila? Share in the comments below!

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Demi Lovato Rushed to Hospital After Apparent Drug Overdose

Demi Lovato Rushed to Hospital After Heroin Overdose

American singer-songwriter Demi Lovato was reportedly taken to the hospital after an apparent overdose from heroin.

Demi lovato rushed to the hospital
Photo courtesy of Demi Lovato's Instagram Account
Singer Demi Lovato rushed to hospital

The Los Angeles Fire Department received a call at 11:22a.m. of a medical emergency regarding a 25-year-old woman identified as Lovato. Lovato’s family has yet to comment.

However, Demi has always been open about her struggle on mental health and drug addiction. Last month, the former Disney actress released her new song entitled Sober that tells the story of her battles.

In a song, Demi expressed her struggles. And likewise, apologized to her fans for hurting herself and the people around her, “And I’m sorry for the fans I lost/ Who watched me fall again.”

In the last line, Demi sang “I promise I’ll get help/ It wasn’t my intention /I’m sorry to myself”, implying that she will be better soon.

A few close friends of Demi such as Ariana Grande, Keisha, and Ellen De Generes, extended their support online.

Reports say that Demi is currently awake and with her family.

Did you see this coming? Show your support in the comments below.

Michelle Williams of Destinys Child Seeks Mental Health Help
Destinys Child Michelle Williams Gets Support from Family and Friends

OMG Weekend Wrap-Up: On Putting Up a Good Defense

This week, we’ve seen different people defend all sorts of things – from something simple as championship titles, to deeper contexts such as pride and dignity. Some defended themselves through fist fights, some defended themselves through social media. Now that we’ve reached the weekend, let’s see which forms of defense were in our losers and winners list:


FIBA Decision. Defending their pride during their game with Australia didn’t sit too well with FIBA. Now, it’s time Gilas Pilipinas and Australian Boomers face the sanctions given by the organizers. Suspending our 13 players are quite expected, but with 2 coaches? Humiliating. We wonder what Gilas’ move will be after almost losing all our players in the next few games.

Pacquiao Wins. To be fair, Sen. Pacquiao succeeded in defeating Lucas Matthyse with a TKO. Impressive given his age of 39. What made this fall in our loser bracket is that, his fights are making more resounding good news than his work in the government. Hopes are high that the next good news about him is maybe making good changes for the Philippines?

DC Streaming. Great news for DC fans! The concept of the streaming service is a dream come true for every die-hard fan: streaming of new shows and comics are also available in this streaming service. Sadly, not for Filipino DC fans.


Angono Anti-Rape Campaign. Rape will never, ever, ever, be good. This was also supposed to be in the loser bracket. But we are grateful for the netizens and Sen. Hontiveros for pointing out the wrong in that rape reminder that had our heads shaking. Also, Sen. Hontiveros’ compassion and will to help the Angono PNP to prevent disinformation was truly admirable.

Abusive Boyfriend. Also, this will never, ever be good. Any form of abuse is unhealthy. It is through the stories they shared on Twitter that people, whom they do not know, showed their sympathy to the abused and defending the abused to those who are still taking the side of the abuser. Some even offered help for the girls. Faith in humanity restored!


New Music. In preparation of the release of the albums of Chance the Rapper, Ariana Grande, LANY, these generous artists dropped songs during the middle of the week! And we thank them!

Mara Martin. For the longest time, the primary purpose women’s breast are known and it is to nurture. The deed of this model-slash-mom was really brave yet, people always had something to say. Yet she defended herself from all these haters by tagging other amazing women in her post. It’s a definite win for Mara Martin, good job momma! To the haters, suck it up, guys. (no pun intended)

Tournament Champions. France rejoiced as they took home their second FIFA world cup trophy in history! As for the not-so-favored-by-the-crowd Novak Djokovic, and the unexpected Angelique Kerber taking home their Wimbledon trophies, we congratulate them as well. All these champions went through challenging opponents. What a great week for sports!

What can you say about this week’s news? Tell us in the comments below!

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Reportedly Engaged

Words by Alliyah Villeza

Rumor has it that pop diva Ariana Grande is now engaged to actor and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson—much to the surprise of many.


On May 9th, news surfaced about Grande’s split with rapper and longtime boyfriend Mac Miller. Several days later, Davidson announces on the Open Late show his breakup with longtime girlfriend, comedian Cazzie David.

Not long since, talks about Grande and Davidson seeing each other have come up, especially after the pop star’s guest appearance on SNL. The two have constantly been posting photos of them together and exchanging sweet comments on Instagram. Grande has also been seen with a cloud tattoo on her finger that matches Davidson’s. Fans of both parties see the cloud as somehow the icon of the couple.

Definitely a whirlwind of events, but everyone is yet to hear from the lovebirds themselves. Do you think Grande and Davidson are really betrothed to each other now? Let us know in the comments below.