Disturbing Game “Momo” Alarms Parents and Authorities

If you have seen the movie “Nerve” then you probably know how dangerous and horrible truth-or-dare games are.

A new game, “Momo” alarmed parents and authorities of the danger it may cause on teenagers.

Suicide game Momo encourages teens to do horrible challenges.
viral suicide app momo
Photo courtesy of @j_s_rock

The challenge usually starts when a person adds or sends a message to a contact on their social media accounts. These include Faceboo, YouTube, and WhatsApp messenger. Soon after, a horrifying photo of a woman with a huge pair of eyes and chicken feet will be sent.

Reports say that Japanese special effects company Link Factory made this terrifying figure. The disturbing photo being spread was reportedly taken from an Instagram account after it became viral.

According to reports, once contacted, Momo will then threaten users that will not respond to their repeated messages. The game challenges its users to communicate with an unknown number.

In addition, users are threatened with their personal information or disturbing photos that will force the challenger to do what Momo says.

According to reports, the game was associated with the death of a 12-year-old girl who committed suicide in Argentina.

Investigation regarding the suicide of the young girl as well as the 18-year old teenager who shared the game with the victim are still on going.

This is not the first time that a suicide game has been linked to a death of a teenager. An application called Blue Whale, has been associated with the death of 130 teens according to news website The Sun.

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Instagram Launches New Questions Stickers

On Monday, Instagram launched a new questions sticker that allows your friends to ask questions for you to answer. It’s an interactive feature that allows the user to be more open to their followers.


Instagram question stickers

A follower can ask a question by tapping the sticker in the story. Meanwhile, the user can check the viewers as well what they asked on the sticker by swiping up.

Instagram question stickers

By tapping a response from a follower, the user can share it and post another story with the question asked on it. This way, the user can respond to the question either with a video or a picture.

The photo and username of the follower who asked won’t be revealed whenever it is shared.

The new feature is available on both iOS and Android.

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