MEGA Man October 2017


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We cut to the feeling of age—urging the man to live an authentic life, whether he is young at heart or an old soul trapped in a rabid Millenial’s body. From the latest fragrances that charm to a walk down through the streets of Paris in age-appropriate outerwear, and even a round up of fitness inspirations with the best bodies, we got it all handled. Finally, we have a steely young man who is all but raring to break the mold laid out for him. Seemingly built by the gods, Tanner Mata is out to prove that he is more than just his fine, physical form. They say a man has no regard for age, perhaps shrugging off telling signs such as graying hair, sagging skin and slowed down metabolism as part and parcel of maturation. This doesn’t seem to hold true as of late as the modern gent has slowly come to terms with the hounding of numbers as the years go by. Today, fitness is at its prime and grooming concerns are of the essence. You know what, it’s about time. Tanner Mata Photography ERWIN CANLAS Art direction JANN PASCUA Styling ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA Grooming RAYMOND ISAIS Shoot coordination JUSTINE NIDO Special thanks to IM AGENCY


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