MEGA Man June 2017


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What is the good pride? A proponent of the deadly sins, it can easily turn from something so pure into primal, one that corrodes at the edges of the human soul. In the course of history it isn’t unheard of, however as stalwarts of maintaining the good in the balance of life, we engage this month in the pursuit of upholding pride in the sense we should all aspire to. A man who has grown into his own, there was no one else we had in mind to front this issue than Alden Richards. Counting on pride of the self and of the work he does, he displays a fine realization that belies his age. Never one to rest on just enoigh, he clues us in on what keeps him constantly reaching for the stars. Pride takes form in many stories this month: From the latest collabs and collections from local retail standouts to a cut-and-paste collage of what makes us distinctly Filipino, we have got you covered from all ends. Too much of a good thing can prove to be dangerous, as is the case with pride. Whether it is a pride that’s malicious, that hurts or that uplifts, it is important to keep things in check. The task here is to funnel pride and make it matter, because in the end that is what will inspire and propel us forward than ever before.


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