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MEGA Man July 2017

  • June 4, 2018


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Where do you want to go in life? As hard-hitting, existential and stop-in-your-tracks as this question may be, it begs to be answered. Or well, appended by an easier one: Have you done enough to get there? Facing his challenges head on—literally and figuratively—Mond Gutierrez does a complete 180 as he went on a journey of transformation. With a very public No Excuses campaign with Century Tuna, the newly minted #fitspiration stuns in a remarkable weight loss that has everyone wondering: How did he do it? Take a trip down the pages of the travel-inspired issue where we take you from a menacing introspection in black and silver to covering your bases in the latest innovations in travel gear. We’ve got you decked and ready to. So, what’s stopping you?