MEGA Man January 2018


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With renewed spirits and vigor, most of us are probably deep in thought on how what to learn and unlearn for the year that is to come. Whether or not you subscribe to resolutions doesn’t matter. After all, isn’t just an indulgent list we forget a few months in? Whatever the case may be, one must exercise a resolve to be more than what you already are now. Playing the game of his life, up-and-coming baller and golden child of Philippine sports, Kobe Paras displays that even at a young age, one needs discipline and sacrifice to prevail above talent and passion. Inching closer to his dreams, he could very well be the inspiration that we need now. Resolutions will come and go, but even though it is fleeting, it should remind us is that for the next 365 days we are to chart, we must pummel through harder, stronger and better than before. This is our big leagues and every move counts.


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