MEGA Man August 2017


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When the talks of weddings come floating around our guards are suddenly raised way up, signalling a red alert to the deepest core of our systems. We understand the concern, it is a daunting thought to mull and an even more overwhelming chapter to delve into. And this one is a serious commitment. We are talking ‘til-death-do-you-part, a promise that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, while the thought settles, we are here to help you become your own best man—you at your prime and your very best for yourself and for your partner in life. Hitting a confident stride in his life, Gerald Anderson unravels the irony of the long haul. Learning to walk and sprint at a pace before barrelling on through in the literal and figurative race of his life, the actor-athlete proves why he is meant to be in this industry. Stressing the importance of health and a strong immunity, Gerald has guarded himself with life’s experiences, as well as a helping of supplements much like Cosmo Cee. Also in this issue, we help you ready yourself for that next crucial step by making sure you get engagement ring right. This way, the moment you get down on your knees and stutter through your speech, you know in your heart she will say, yes.


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