MEGA July 2017


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Whether it is dipping your toes in the sun and basking in the sun of surf haven Siargao or experiencing the circle of life in South Africa, we all have our personal definition of travel. Breathtaking backdrops and miles earned aside, the most underrated but perhaps most important journey is the one that doesn’t involve a visa—the journey of the self. Leading this issue is Erich Gonzalez, the woman who has emerged from life’s circumstances with a renewed disposition. Navigating through life, love and herself, there is a spark that isn’t left unnoticed, one that is confident and at peace and yes, definitely stronger than yesterday. This month, we walk, hike, run and cross borders in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. From vivid pops of color and upscale utilitarian style to glittered lips and a dark, brooding take on romantic hues, and finally, a diverse storytelling on traveling for passion, work and food, as well as a peek at femme-shaming in the LGBTQ community, there is much ground covered for your thirst for adventures. Join us as we run away into a sweet escape and that next grand adventure. It will be worth the trip, we promise.


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