CondoLiving July 2017



Out there exists fashion designers, graphic designers, and of course, interior designers to liven up their own unique blank canvases. This July, CondoLiving puts the spotlight on today’s top designers in their respective fields. See inside for an eclectic living space designer by Idr. Gelo Del Mundo, and a monochromatic unit crafted by Asia’s Most Influential Fashion Designer Avel Bacudio. For Designer Challenge, Project Space Co. reimagine and reconstruct the infamous Metropolitan Theater into a modern living space, while the interior design team of Palafox Associates takes on the 1920’s skyscraper El Hogar Filipino. CondoLiving aso encourages you to be artsy in your living space with our top accessories and furniture picks inspired by world’s iconic painters such as Frida Kahlo, Banksy, Piet Mondrian, and Andy Warhol. Chill out and lay back as we take you to a weekend slowdown with our agenda for this month.


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